10 PR predictions for 2024

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As we come to the end of the year, I want to share my PR predictions for 2024, so if you have time, you can start planning your  stories. Also, remember that as there are less and less local journalists, there is greater demand for us to supply stories.

I believe these themes will continue to be important and ‘on trend’ in the next year.

1 Sustainability, green & ESG.

If you’re not familiar with the term ESG, it stands for Environmental, Social and Governance, which in a business context, is about a company’s model – how its products and services contribute to sustainable development. People will be looking for examples of what good practice looks like, and also you can share tips and hints around how you can make your business more sustainable.

2 Mental Health and Wellbeing

Along with mental illness and poor mental health, including suicide are things that will continue to be discussed. If relevant to you,  be aware when awareness weeks and months take place, and talk about them on your social media.

3 Olympics and Paralympics,

The Olympics take place in Paris, July 26 – Aug 11, and the Paralympics from 28 August – 8 September.

If you have any memories of attending the Olympics, or even taking part- share your story, or if you have a podcast share your stories on it or write a blog, why not interview an Olympian or Paralympian? You can also talk about teamwork, team building – resilience, passion, focus, dedication, failure – all of those things will come up around these two event

4 Continued Rise of AI.

The rise of AI has got lot of people worrying about it taking over. It won’t. However, it is a resource, to be used as that. I think anything that can help you tell stories is good. However, please step back and think. I’m already seeing people, even clients on some occasions, just repeating what an AI has said, not even checking it through, not making sure that it’s fluid, not making sure that it works, not making sure that it makes sense.

5 Consider Generation Z

Whether you are employing someone on your team, or if your customers/clients are Gen Z, think about them. They are the powerful generation following the Millennials, who are already the biggest buying generation in history. But the Gen Z have always lived with the internet, and digital technology. It is estimated that in 2024, they will already make up 40% of consumers. They have very strong values, around racial justice and inclusion of more marginalized groups.

6 Impacts of cost of living

This will, sadly continue, and we could even go into recession, so it’s important to plan carefully for your business, and make sure that you don’t put all of your eggs in one basket – ie just rely on one main business income stream. Also, don’t stop doing PR. Being visible is just as important, if not more so when things are difficult, as many of us found during the pandemic.

7 Strengthening of Social Media

Thought leadership and video content is going to be increasingly important, so continuing to grow your social media circles will help keep you visible and in people’s minds.

8 Influencer Marketing

Within social media, influencer marketing will grow and grow.  This type of marketing is really important for the younger generation, because if they are looking for things, they search across social media platforms, and they are influenced by the people they care about.  So, if there is an influencer you see within a community or sector, brand or within a certain range of products, don’t be afraid to reach out to them and ask what will it cost me, for you to start talking about me/my product?  Obviously, A listers will be above most people’s budget, but micro influencers and small influencers will do things at a much better rate.

9 The NHS

Conversations will continue around the NHS.  The fact that it seems to be crashing and imploding around us, particularly with A & E, social care, GP services – all of those front facing services are having issues.  I think sadly, it will only get worse, with more deaths attributed to the problems, and the lack of staff.  The biggest problem seems to be getting into see doctors, or getting hospital appointments to initially get help. Whereas many of the specialist centres have money ring-fenced, the problem is it’s so much harder to actually get the help needed.   This will be a big focus.

10 2024 is also a Leap Year

What does this mean? We have an extra day. Did you know though, there are weird leap year rules? Not every four years is a leap year.  The rule is, that if the year is divisible by 100 and not divisible by 400, leap year is skipped. , 2000 was a leap year, but not 1700, 1800 or 1900. Also, if you happen to be born in the Chinese, Year of the Dragon (which is a very auspicious year in the Chinese calendar)– that year also coincides with a European Leap year (though not a Chinese one).

So, does your birthday fall on 29th February? Or did you use the tradition of women being able to propose on the 29th?  Or do you have superstitions around Leap Year?

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