21 things to know about LinkedIn!

Let’s face it, when you’re not looking for a job, it can be easy to ignore your LinkedIn profile. Okay, so you add people you meet at networking events as contacts and accept requests as they come in, but everything else gets put to the bottom of the to-do list.

Yet did you know that at the moment, this platform has the best organic reach going? And it has a good sales tool too called Sales Navigator which you can trial free of charge for a few weeks?

Therefore last week it was Facebook facts and insights, before that Twitter tips. Today I’m talking about LinkedIn. No matter whether you’re actively looking for a new role, or just looking to make connections, you’ll always need a LinkedIn profile that stands out from the crowd. With more than 700 million users worldwide, LinkedIn is easily the largest professional network in the world.

If you’re serious about business and professional development, you need a LinkedIn profile that’s optimised and current. Your LinkedIn profile is your chance to get your name and face in front of hundreds of professionals in your chosen industry.

How often do we spend time on our own personal brands? For many of us, it’s nothing like as often as we should, and you aren’t alone!

21 things that are good to know about this platform:

1. There were 700 million active users in 2020 – these users are in more than 200 countries and territories worldwide. With that kind of reach, you can’t afford not to take your LinkedIn profile seriously.

2. Businesses have voted it as the most trusted social media network – there is little time for irrelevant posts and everything must be verified to keep each person’s data safe.

3. LinkedIn ‘Lives’ have increased by 158 per cent since February 2020 – this is a huge increase that started just before the global pandemic lockdown, and is still as popular in 2021. ‘Lives’ have been hot on both Facebook and Instagram since the end of 2016.

4. 57 per cent of global users are male – this is the only other social media platform outside Twitter where the male users outweigh the number of females.

5. Timing of posts is paramount – data shows that the most engaging LinkedIn posts are published on Wednesdays between 8 am to 10 am and noon, Thursday at 9 am and 1 pm to 2 pm, and Friday at 9 am. It’s a business platform, so think business hours.

6. A good profile picture is important – wearing sunglasses, hats, using your holiday
snaps or a selfie are not considered professional. If you don’t have a professional headshot to use, it’s worth the investment. With the huge numbers of people on LinkedIn, those without a professional photo or who appear as a ‘grey blob’ are easily pushed aside.

7. Bill Gates has the most followers on the platform – which isn’t surprising considering he is well respected and looked up to by many professionals and businesses.

8. The average number of connections is 930 – this may seem high to some, but this platform is great at suggesting relevant people in your industry, or finding people you want to connect with.

9. The top three countries using LinkedIn are the USA, India & China – 25% of U.S. internet users say they use LinkedIn.

10. Fastest growing demographic are the 18 to 29 year olds – even the younger generation are seeing the benefits of this professional platform. It’s not just for those who have been in the game for decades.
11. Conversion rates – LinkedIn’s lead conversion rates are 3x higher than other major ad platforms, including Google Ads. These are some great odds to ponder.

12. Profiles with photos get 21x more views and 36x more messages – don’t be a grey blob, shine like a star and make your profile eye catching and scroll stopping!

13. 30 million companies are present on LinkedIn – With millions of company pages and individual members, there’s a discussion, post, or professional network for almost anyone on this channel.

14. Sales navigator – this is seen as one of the smartest tools to engage and connect with your target customer or client. If you haven’t already, go and check its awesomeness.

15. Only 3 million users share content weekly – that’s an opportunity to be better. Once a week isn’t hard to beat, schedule in 2 posts per week and you are already ahead of the game.

16. Only 1 million users have published an article here – that’s an even bigger
opportunity (guess who does it quite a lot? Yours truly!). It’s a chance to show you are an expert in your field and a space to write as much as you like.

17. Long form content gets the most shares – 1900 words plus. This is quite the opposite to Twitter that loves short and snappy tweets.

18. ‘How To….’ and ‘Lists’ perform the best on this platform, so why not write down some ideas of content you can create around these headings.
19. Breakdown of posts – posts split into 5, 7, or 9 headings perform the best (refer to point 17). Nobody wants to read a huge paragraph with no subheading or paragraph breaks.

20. Articles with titles between 40 and 49 characters perform the best – i.e. pithy
headlines work well.

21. In any article including eight images should create the best engagement – come on
photographers you should be all over this!!!

A stand out LinkedIn profile is mandatory if you want to grow your personal brand and company. Even though you’re busy, LinkedIn is one place you can’t forget. You reap what you sow – the more you put in, the more you’ll get out of it.

The truth is, LinkedIn could very well be one of your most underrated marketing channels.
If LinkedIn’s growth has caught your eye and you want to determine if it’s audiences and ad offerings are right for you, it’s important to put some time aside to research before devoting more time and resources to this network.

After reading these facts and tips, you can see that the benefits and outcomes of LinkedIn are powerful for personal branding, businesses and worldwide companies. It’s fast becoming the number one online destination for professionals across the globe.

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