Who Am I And Does It Matter?

Why Blog

Welcome to my blogging area. Why do you blog? I blog for several reasons:

  • To showcase my expertise.
  • To share opinions about issues which are important to me or spark my interest.
  • To offer advice and tips.
  • To make myself and my website visible to a wider audience worldwide.
  • To show that I’m not just one dimensional – I do a lot of other things and I enjoy other things too.

I’ve always found in business and life, it’s easier to do something when you always remember ‘why’ you are doing it.

That way it becomes more consistent and it makes more sense.

I hope you enjoy my blogs and please don’t be afraid to leave a comment here, or on any social media post you see around one of my blogs.

Please be aware I always try to acknowledge sensible and positive comments – I will ignore or delete any which are not legal, tasteful or decent.

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