Celebrating another podcast milestone (and that’s not BS!)

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I’ve now been running my podcast since December 2021, and I love every minute of it!

Would you believe, my little old podcast, PR not BS, has reached over 4,000 downloads – which I’m more than pleased about.

Take a look at this data:

*Overall: 4,036 downloads

*Most listened to: Do you feel safe in Wiltshire? My guest was Mike Rees (in the election Mike was talking about he came third with just under thirty thousand votes): 223 downloads

*Locations: Europe: 334 downloads, Africa: 6 downloads, North America: 6 downloads, Asia: 3 downloads, Oceania (looks like Australia on the map!) 1 download

*Which device is it listened to most?  Apple

What are the top 10 podcasts?

1. Do you feel safe in Wiltshire?
2. No BS PR Predictions for 2022
3. PR Brilliance from National Journalist Jill Foster
4. Understanding the story of a trans woman
5. How do you get your products in front of journalists?
6. Why we need to start eating fish from the bottom of the ocean and not the top!
7. PR Highs and Lows from Magazine Editor Anita Jaynes
8. Forget PR Puffery for 2022
9. It’s all about relationships and trust with Ben McGrail
10. Predictions for a King and Queen with TJ Higgs

The number one podcast, ‘Do you feel safe in Wiltshire?’ is the episode where I interviewed Mike Rees who was standing as an independent candidate in the election for a new Wiltshire Police and Crime Commissioner. Although Mike didn’t win, he had a very large number of votes considering he was someone who was standing without any political backing and relied on the money he had invested in his campaign, and the backing of volunteers and money donated.

As a former police officer, Mike talks openly about the challenges and issues for policing in 2024 and in Wiltshire specifically.

Those of you who know me well will know that I’m a trans ally, and the podcast at number 4 in the top 10, is my interview with Katie Neeves. During my conversation with Katie, we talk about everything from Gender Dysmorphia to what it’s like to live in the UK as a trans woman.

Recently Katie is one of the people who have been under attack by J K Rowling, and in her indomitable way, Katie answered back, in a very measured and wonderfully calm manner.

My most recent podcast is with Dani Seatter, who talks about her eco-friendly business.  After a conversation with her sister about Plastic Free July she decided to set up her own business, and she now runs an online shop and a physical retail shop in Cirencester, where she sells eco goods.

My most recent guest this month, is John Boitnott talking about being a journalist in the US.  I was lucky enough to meet John whilst visiting Las Vegas for a conference, and he and I hit it off straight away. We have an interesting conversation, in part discussing the differences between the two countries slant on what PR is, and how it is done.

Future guests on the podcast include former England and Bath rugby player

Dave Attwood who talks about his career in the sport, his early journey into business and his new understanding of PR and media relations, Rachel Haith on starting a business and the ups and downs that come with it including the PR that she has done and the PR that she hopes to do in the future, Dave Southby talking financial planning and more!

If you would like to talk to me about how you might start up your own podcast, or how I can help you with your PR, please contact me on: 

To listen to my podcasts, where you can listen to previous ones, please go to: https://scottmedia.uk/podcast/

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