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If your business is not about a product, or if you are not busy during December, rather than sit idly twiddling your thumbs, or putting up Christmas decorations, use the time to plan the first quarter of 2023 for your business.

Be well prepared for the new year, before the Christmas holidays, so that you can take that time and truly relax with your family and friends.

Planning ideas for 2023:

Getting ahead in planning your stories -wherever you want to use them – really will set the tone for your PR in the new year. Here are a few tips to get you going.

  1. Celebrate the start of the new year with a bang! Can you have a flash sale for a very short time?  Perhaps offer a short call, a mini-session from your business services, or offer a helpful PDF around something that your business provides, ie.  A How to guide. Also plan to wish people a ‘Happy New Year’.
  1. What special events or anniversaries do you have coming up between Jan and April? If you have one, plan what you going to do – are you going to have an event? Plan where and what? Which people do you want to get involved?  You need to think about booking people and venues, if you don’t have your own office space. Then plan how you are going to ‘pr’ that event and get bums on seats.
  1. Look at the main focus of awareness months, weeks or days of the month that are relevant to either you or your business. Plan social media posts, or offers that you may make linked to those days.  Can you also offer a story to the media at this time?
  1. Are you going to grow your business with new team members during the next months?  If so, plan their induction and training. Also plan to introduce them to the local media, on social media and via blogs.
  1. If you support a charity, are you going to do anything to raise money for them during these months? If so, tell those stories too.
  1. Have you been nominated for any awards, or are you entering any your business for an award? Check out what information is required well in advance, so that you have it ready to help you fill out the forms with confidence. If you entered last year and got nowhere – how can you improve?
  1. Are there any new initiatives or law changes coming up in your business profession that needs to be shared with customers/clients? If it’s in difficult jargon, can you spend time make it more customer friendly – and still keep the important information? Can you do a media story letting people know about these changes?
  1. Do you send out a newsletter? Has it been the same layout and information forever?  Perhaps 2023 is the time for a new layout or the introduction of a new section of interest?
  1. As a new business, you often find there are a number of policies and information sheets that you need to write but you haven’t yet had time. This would be a good time to update them. If you’re an existing business, but haven’t employed staff before, then maybe you need to write new policies with them in mind.
  1. Do you need new headshots?  A good time to get a set – before you have eaten too much over Christmas and New Year and think you’re too fat for images! New photos to start the new year will give you a boost too. Also think of images to refresh your website, to accompany blogs or for your social media posts or campaigns.

The planning workshop I ran earlier this month was full however  if you’d like to get more help with your PR planning for the 2nd quarter, why not book onto my March planning workshop:

Alternatively book a power hour with me to help with your planning – you can do that here:

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