Every business will be in a different situation when it comes to PR.

Some people are confused about PR. They know they should be doing it, but don’t know what they should be doing, or how to do it.

As a small business they may not have a budget to pay someone to do their PR monthly or they may worry it’s too expensive and want to find out how much support really costs.

It doesn’t matter where you are in your business – PR is something you have to do and you may already be doing it in one way or another, you just don’t realise it. You may be a start-up, or you may be someone who has previously paid a marketing company to do your PR, but now want to become more involved yourself.

Of course, you could book on one of my PR workshop days, but for many businesses, that is a step too far initially, because they haven’t worked out what they actually want to do or they may want to put together a case to a management team.

Their first step would be to spend an hour with me online to find out, just what they should be doing, and what it is they want to do with PR, and what they expect to get from it.

For this, they can join me for a PR Power Hour, which is where I would talk to them about how PR can help their business based on their needs and questions.

Five Reasons to book a Power Hour with me:

  1. You want to DIY your PR but you don’t know where to start. Many people have unrealistic expectations as to what PR can do.

It is not about selling, being in the national media every five minutes or advertising in the traditional way.

It is about your relationship with your audiences, being visible as a business, brand and individual and sharing your stories in many different ways.


  1. You think you have a story but you need some help.

I can tell you what is a story and what isn’t. Often a business owner thinks something is a story for the media when it is not.

It isn’t a story if it’s about:

  1. a new website.
  2. a change in the colour of your business logo.
  3. the introduction of a new service or product, which is very similar to other service or product you already offer.
  4. the fact you’ve seen another story in the media about a similar experience to yours, is insignificant – the story has already been told. It is not new.

What is an example of a story?

  1. Something that involves the people in the business such as employing a new apprentice from the local community.
  2. When you have raised money for a local charity, or been involved in a campaign in your community.
  3. Moving to bigger and brighter premises;
  4. Launched your own campaign where your business has set up a social enterprise.
  5. You want to add your credible and relevant views to something happening in the wider news.


  1. You want to build a social media strategy but don’t know how

I can help you choose which social media platform(s) will suit your business best, and get you the most results.  I will give you information about: how often to post, the types of posts, word counts, and how to schedule, if you don’t already know. Most important of all we’ll talk about being consistent.


  1. You want to create a PR strategy for an event, but need some support.

I will aim you towards the best local outlets to share your event, I’ll talk to you about how to get onto local radio, and possibly into local online media outlets, if relevant.  The only think I will not do is give you my personal contacts.


  1. You want to know if PR support is right for you!

If your business is extremely new and young, it may be that you need to put more of your time and money into setting the business up, and PR will be something to think about along the line.

I won’t suggest PR ideas if I can see that your idea or content isn’t going to be served by PR.

However, if I think that you could benefit from further help with PR, I will suggest you either join the one of my more regular PR workshops, or if you have the budget, we could consider if becoming a retained client is right for you (the minimum commitment is one year).

If you would like to book a Power Hour with me, the investment is  £199+VAT, payable upfront.  You can book through my website, email me on fiona@fionascott.co.uk  and, regardless, please feel to join my Facebook group:     Fiona Scott’s PR Tribe.