I’ve created this planner to act as a tool for planning stories around you, your business, organisation or charity in advance – in a world where stories are more and more important.

It’s ready to purchase from October 1 each year until a week or so before Christmas or until stocks last. It’s of high quality and it’s designed to fit into a bag for a laptop or to fit on a desk with space for notes and prompts.

Why create such a planner?

Stories are integral to our society as human beings. Right back to the start of humanity people communicated stories through drawings, verbalising, talking, singing and sharing. Through stories we pass down knowledge, history, heritage, lessons and learnings and it’s always been this way.

In our modern age, stories are as important as ever though the tools we use and the way we communicate has changed beyond recognition. Many of us may lament this – however I’d say embrace it. We have to roll with the pace of modern society and keep a balance in the way we communicate and share what we do.

Yet sometimes it’s difficult to come up with ideas of what to share and talk about, especially if you find writing or creative tasks difficult.

For the moment this is a physical hard copy planner only – as when we write with a pen it engages a different part of the brain than online interaction and we’re more likely to take action.

This planner is designed by me, a journalist, and with a journalist’s mindset of planning but not so detailed that you have to plan hourly posts – and also reminders to build habits around your own stories. Journalists are story-tellers yet they have to plan just like the rest of us. Most of us are, these days, self-employed and we too have to be visible, predict what the media wants to talk about in order to pitch stories.

There is no ‘magic’ to this – it comes down to learning, planning, understanding and being prepared to be seen.

How to use this planner:

Stories though are not just for the media. Think blogs, social media posts, all of which can support media stories or sit alongside them.

Therefore at the start of each month there are lists of upcoming awareness days, weeks and months that you can ‘piggyback’ and share your knowledge, expertise or personal experience, or the experience of a client (with their permission). These lists are by no means exhaustive, they are a ‘start’, they are mostly UK or World based or those which are generally in the public consciousness.

Some of these are highlighted throughout the diary pages where you can make notes and add your own if you find them.

There are also regular pages at the end of each month to prompt you to review – what did you miss, what did you do well and want to improve?, did you get that testimonial? Chase it up if you forgot to get it or if your client did not provide it. These small things can, over time, have a big impact.

Then at the end of the year, go back and review your notes, review it all so that you can transfer notes and plans ready for 2025.


This planner costs £49.99 plus postage and stocks are limited. You will be prompted to fill out a form, an invoice will be sent to you and once payment is received it will be posted to you in a timely manner. Please be aware that postal delays are possible and we’re not responsible for those at this time of the year.

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