It’s taken 15 years in business yet I’ve finally managed to write and publish my first book telling some of my stories about my life as a business owner. It follows a decade of my journey of being a business woman.

The Hard Yards first came to mind during my 10th anniversary of my business back in 2018 when I realised that it might help someone, somewhere to understand how I’d built up my little micro business, coming from a background with zero knowledge or even desire to run my own company.

After that realisation, it’s taken five long years for me to turn that idea into a reality. Even choosing a title for the book was a saga in itself.

My original idea for a title felt original but I’m afraid it was not! It was in fact very common, several other people had used that title so there was nothing new about it. Ironically it was a journalist who came up with the idea.

In one of my Facebook groups for journalists, a peer asked about whether or not she should leave her regular job as it was difficult to manage around her young child. She wondered if being a freelancer would be easier? I answered this and pointed out that there was no ‘easy’ option and that you couldn’t ‘avoid the hard yards’. Someone chimed in and said that that would make a great book title – and the lightbulb pinged!

This book is partly a vanity project, I’m not going to lie. However I’ve approached it with a sense of delight and also with the view that if it can support and help one person my job is done.

The Hard Yards charts some of my lessons and joys from my first ten years in business. It’s not exhaustive, that would take a library, yet it shows some of the ups and downs of being a business owner. From 2008 when I first knew that I was being made redundant up to 2018 when I held a party to celebrate a decade in business, The Hard Yards shares some of my biggest mistakes and also reflects on the things I did which were positive. It actually shows that the only true mistake in business is to not take the learning when it comes.

The book can be purchased online here:


Or it can be bought from me directly for £15 plus P&P by emailing me at – or, of course, from me if we meet in person.