How many times do we make the opportunity to share how grateful we are with life, people, our business or our role? Well, September 21st is World Gratitude Day, a time to do exactly that – share what or who you are grateful for in your life.

Feeling gratitude lifts us up, and can rejuvenate your spirit, giving you a reason to meet any challenges you have, knowing there are people and things in your life that make you feel good. Research has shown that giving gratitude creates positive feelings in both the giver and the receiver.

Over time there are many who believe that being positive, attracts positive – and I’ve found that to be true. What you give out, you will get back.

What is World Gratitude Day?

In 1965 at a Thanksgiving Day Dinner, in a room at the United Nations building, spiritual and meditation leader Sri Chinmoy, suggested there be a day of thanks where the whole world could celebrate together. The people present at the meeting, pledged that each year on Sept 21st, they would have a celebration day in their country.

During a special ceremony to honour Sri Chinmoy in 1977, a resolution was passed that the 21st Sept would be officially recognised as World Gratitude Day. Since then the idea has grown, and has become a worldwide movement.

The true meaning of the day is about giving as well as receiving.

How can you celebrate World Gratitude Day?

  • Write thank you notes to those you appreciate – how about lumpy mail for your clients.
  • Being to keep a gratitude journal where you record, each day what you are grateful for.
  • Take time to reflect on why you are grateful.
  • Share a story of how you are grateful for your parents, grandparents, special friends, business colleagues – for what they have done for you.
  • Recognising you are grateful you could make a donation to charity to help others or you could do a kind deed.
  • Acknowledge the people you work with, clients and employees, freelance workers who support you.

Ten things I’m grateful for in both business and my personal life.

I’m grateful in business for:

  1. The friends I’ve made during my time in business. These business buddies are people I can talk to if I have problems, or if I want advice. Many I have met through networking, and others are clients who have become friends. I have been a member of BusinessWise, in Swindon, a referral group who are lovely bunch of business people who I’ve got to know over the years.
  1. My buddy, Paul, with whom I share an office. Being able to have someone I can talk to and bounce ideas off is wonderful, rather than being alone in my home office. We are the complete opposites in terms of personalities – he is an introvert, and I’m an extrovert, and despite this, we get on brilliantly. We always have a Christmas ‘do’ together, along with our other halves.
  1. My fab team of freelancers who work with me, supporting me in different ways to provide the services I want to offer. They help to free me up so I can spend time with clients, face to face, working on their businesses. Also, there are things where I’m not an expert, and don’t have specific skills, but I need those skills in my business, and some of my team can do those jobs for me. They help me to keep on track.
  1. The clients who have worked with me for many years, and continue to work with me, and also to new clients who have joined me – and clients who have come and gone. Without clients, I wouldn’t have a business!
  1. The opportunities I’ve had to build my network and my public profile. The networking groups I belong to. The people who have joined my social media groups; my Fiona Scott’s PR Tribe, those who regularly book onto my talks. Writing for many different outlets wearing my journalist’s hat, including Total Guide, The Business Exchange Swindon & Wiltshire, Bath & Somerset, Wiltshire Life and also Caravan magazine.

I’m grateful in my personal life for:

  1. My husband Steve’s constant support and the fun we have together, travelling around in our caravan, and filming episodes for our YouTube channel, Beyond that Blue Door. Getting away together in our caravan is a wonderful time when I can sort of relax…and read my beloved books.
  1. My kids, Sam, Georgia and David and my step-daughter Lauren. I’m so proud of them all. Along with Steve, they are the most important people in my life, and I am loving how they have become, and are becoming their own people – as three of them are now adults. I’m looking forward to their successes in life as they grow.  I’m grateful that during this last year, we have all remained healthy.
  1. My close friends from my past who continue to be there for me when I want to chat, or moan about something – they won’t judge me, and they make me laugh. Even though I don’t see them often, we have friendships that survive distance and busy times.
  1. My health which is important, because without it, I couldn’t run my business successfully, and I wouldn’t have the energy to enjoy my life, which is rich in so many ways.
  1. Our dog Jess. I had never seen myself as a dog owner, but now we have Jess, who is a rescue dog, she adds so much to our life. Having her also helps my health, because, generally, it is me who walks her each morning.  I’m also grateful for where I live. I’m lucky to have access to the canal, and on my walks, I see herons, deer, foxes, swans, ducks, beautiful flora, loads of varied birds and insects – generally, life in and around Swindon.

Next week’s blog will be about Podcasts.