Guess what’s coming? (it’s not BS!)

Drum roll please…… something special will be launching on December 1 and running for the 12 Days of Christmas, my new podcast PR NOT BS.

Following this December launch, PR NOT BS will run twice a month for 2022. These will be a wonderful opportunity for me to share tips around various public relations stories, interviewing business owners, people working in charities, sole traders and experts about their own PR experiences. I will also be talking to journalists, asking them to share their views on good and bad PR.

I want this podcast to work for anyone who is:

*thinking of starting a business or side hustle.

*someone already running their own small or micro business.

*marketing managers or executives within a business.

*directors of a business who want to find out what PR is really all about.

*volunteers for charities or projects who need to know what PR is all about.

*founders, directors and trustees of charities who need to know how to do intelligent PR.

*those in business who think they want PR in their marketing strategy yet want some knowledge and understanding first.

*those working in a business who want to make their own project or programme visible and they are not sure how to do it.

*those in any organisation who want to learn, safely, about crisis comms.

*those who work in the not for profit sector who also want to start doing PR intelligently.

*fellow PR professionals who lack journalistic knowledge or insight.

*fellow PR/journalist hybrids who want to learn.

*any business person who enjoys hearing the stories or others.

In no particular order, the first 12 will include:

  • Interview with successful businessman and entrepreneur, James Phipps.
  • Talking to magazine publisher and editor of The Business Exchange – Anita Jaynes.
  • Interview with Dragons’ Den entrepreneur, Ed Hollands taking about being on the show and beyond.
  • Talking with product-based business owner Lisa Berry about her journey with PR.
  • A conversation with national journalist and feature writer, Jill Foster

Other podcasts will cover subjects like, Planning PR for 2022, PR Predictions for 2022, and The Good, The Bad PR of 2020 and 2021.

Why a podcast?

I have been considering the idea of having a podcast for some time, and in one of my September blogs, I wrote about the rise of podcasts and their history. You can find it here –

Radio has always been in my life, but in terms of media, it was never my main focus.

During the 1990s, I volunteered on Hospital Radio Swindon for two years, for the Princess Alexander and the PMH, late night shows.  I was even offered a job at a local radio station, as one of their news reporters, however the pay was extremely poor and, at the time, would have literally left me in poverty.

I’m strongly visual biased, so I used to rarely listen to the radio, apart from in my car. My particular national favourite stations are LBC, BBC Wiltshire, Swindon 105.5 and Radio 5 Live.

Over the last few years I’ve had a good relationship with Swindon 105.5, our community radio station, and have taken part in many shows there, plus also being on BBC Wiltshire on many occasions, which I have always enjoyed.

Therefore, I felt that now the time is right for me to have my own ‘radio’ type show, which I’m going to do with my PR not BS podcasts, which I have been working on in partnership with 105.5. This allows people to listen at their own pace, in their own time. It’s how we tend to consume our entertainment and knowledge now. You can listen in the moment or when it suits you.

There are over two million podcasts in the world, and as of April 2021, over forty-eight million episodes. Are you ready for one more?

Next week: The PR Benefit of Trade Shows.