Happy Christmas!

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I’ve had a wonderful year this year even though there have been some challenges in my business and life.

What has made it wonderful is that by paying attention to all that is good and positive – you soon realise that there is a lot more of that – than the other!

And when bad things happen, how you face them and learn from them can, in the words of my client Taz Thornton, ‘flip your negatives’.

Here are some of the things that have made it such a good year for my business:

*One of my proudest and happiest momenst this year was holding  my book – ‘The Hard Yards’ for the first time. It was published on October 6. The subtitle is: ‘Ten years of mistakes in building a micro business’ and is all about how I started my own business when I lost my dream job, working in television. I’m proud to have this part of my story out there, and hopefully it will inspire others to ‘go it alone.’

It’s available on Amazon:  https://tinyurl.com/2eshh5pk

*On the same day as my book launch, my bestie, Lis McDermott and I held a 15th Business Birthday Bash celebration, where 70 business friends and family joined us. It was a wonderful night, with an amazing talk by husband and wife team athletes, Louise Hunt Skelley PLY and Chris Hunt Skelley MBE and with my buddy, Paul Martin as our auctioneer. The charity of the night was Ainslie’s Pavilion, and we hoped to raise around £500 – in the end we raised around £3,300!

*My podcast, PR not BS with Fiona Scott, is continuing to grow and grow.  I launched my podcast two years ago in December 2021. Since then, the podcasts have gone out twice a month, and as I batch record, I’ve recorded enough up until March 2024. Planning is key to keeping on top of what is current, and being able to interview the people I want to talk to.

  • In the last month (at time of writing) I’ve had 80 downloads.
  • In total (at time of writing) I’ve had 3,334 downloads
  • My top episode of all time was me on my own sharing my No BS PR Predictions for 2022 – 118 downloads.
  • My top episode with a journalist was with national journalist Jill Foster – 110 downloads.
  • My top episode with a guest with a story/campaign is ‘Understanding the story of a trans woman’ with Katie Neeves – 87 downloads.
  • My top episodes with clients are: ‘Never Underestimate How Much PR A New Business Needs’ with Danielle Holmes of Black Nova at 64 downloads;  ‘Don’t Suffer In Silence’ with Jodie Fraser & Nick Gazzard, 63 downloads and Taz Thornton where she talks about PR having a long tail – 58 downloads.
  • My trailer/explainer episode where I talk about the ‘why’ behind the podcast keeps rising steadily – now at 81 downloads.
  • Top apps where people access my podcast are Spotify; Apple; Buzzsprout & web browser.
  • 75 per cent of my listeners are based in the UK, then 8 per cent in the USA, followed by Germany.
  • My 62nd episode has just gone live where I talk about my PR Predictions for 2024.

I’ve started running podcast workshops to help other business owners know how to organise and run their own.  The next one is Thursday 4 January and the link to book a place is here: https://tinyurl.com/4kjm7uwr

*As you’ll know from my November blogs, I had an awesome time in Las Vegas at the end of October. I was invited to attend SuiteWorld 2023.  One of the best things, apart from visiting the weirdness of Las Vegas was, I met a whole load of very interesting people, including one who  I have invited onto my podcast next year.  Here’s the link to one of my blogs about the trip.


*Those of you who know me will understand that Christmas is one of my favourite times. I know that many will groan about how early all of the advertising starts, but I love it, so bring it on!

Christmas comes with so many memories, around family, friends, cosy, warmth, silly games, sparkling lights and so much more. I miss my dad, my grandparents, many aunts and uncles but my fondest memories of them all feature Christmas, log fires, silly hats etc. But this year, we have our first grandchild which will create more wonderful memories for us. I’m sure we’ll create some new family traditions, to go with the ones we already have.

With thanks to my team for their support this year.

Have a wonderful Christmas!

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