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I know I can come across as a bit ranty and finger-wagging yet what many people don’t know is that I’m as soft as anything (embarrassingly sensitive) and often I’m just like a little kid with excitement.

Every ten weeks or so, my inner child comes out when I have a ‘podcast’ day and record interviews with interesting people about PR, the media and frankly it’s an excuse for a big long chat!

I absolutely love it. Love talking to people and finding out more about them, what makes them tick, what moves them, what drives them. This is one time where I take time to deeply listen and understand where they are coming from.

This month I had a podcast day at Swindon 105.5 and it was amazing. I come away feeling nurtured as – and people may not get this – listening and absorbing someone’s story is such an absolute privilege. It fills me with joy and I’m humbled that anyone gives me any of their precious time.

With one guest we even ended up singing together – and I have to admit she’s a much better singer than me. Our singing moment ended with her telling me not to give up the day job. She’s right! I’m an appalling singer. Yet it doesn’t matter when you are having fun.


Look out for my forthcoming podcast with Louise Hunt Skelley PLY and check out her singing and also her husband Chris Hunt Skelley MBE PLY …
One of my guests was Katie Neeves, who is a transwoman and a business woman. I met her in person in London earlier this year and I invited her to come on and share some of her story.

I’m aware of transphobia and some of it exists in the media and I really deeply wanted to understand what it’s like to be a person who feels they were born into the wrong gender.

I am learning so much these days about the diversity that exists among human beings around sexuality and gender – and I don’t always have the right language or the understanding to engage in any debate fully.

What I do know, deeply and in my heart, is that knowing just one person who struggles to be their authentic self is enough to know that we have to try to let deep-seated prejudices go. It hurts me to my core that people think it’s okay to ridicule, marginalise, humiliate and berate anyone for the way in which they wish to live their lives.

Being able to ask Katie all of those questions freely and safely is not just about me being nosey or curious. I want to learn. I want to understand, I want to have some idea of what it’s like to walk in Katie’s shoes if only for a few minutes.

And now I do feel better educated, I feel more able to engage. I realise that Katie was always Katie, it just took Katie 48 years to fully emerge and to live her best life. I also know that she’s happy as Katie and that no one would choose to walk that path, it’s not been easy for her and some days it’s been terrible. She’s done it publicly because she wants to help others. If that isn’t inspiring, what is?


Coming up next month you’ll see a recording with my friend and fellow journalist Robert Murphy talking about his job and his best-selling book that he co-authored about the catching of the killer of Melanie Road, 30 years after the murder. He talks with great compassion about the strong relationship he has with the woman who investigated successfully this cold case, and Melanie’s family.

Who would have thought a podcast recording could bring forth such empowering, inspirational, powerful stories?


Do check out my podcasts here – https://scottmedia.uk/podcasts/

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