International Women’s Day – Did you ‘Inspire inclusion’?

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International Women’s Day is a time to come together and celebrate the incredible women we have in our community in business and in other areas of life.

Despite the many years that International Women’s Day has run, sadly there is still a need for women to be fully included in certain aspects of everyday life.

I’ve was asked to speak at IWD 2024 Swindon Line Up along with some other amazing women.

The day was hosted by Samantha Jayne, the Spiritual Business Coach, who is also speaking about her path from blocked to blessed.

During the day, there were opportunities to network alongside other female business owners, and some of us had stands.

The other fabulous women I spoke alongside included:

*Paralympian, Louise Hunt Skelley PLY, who is a professional speaker, commentator and consultant on diversity and inclusion. Louise lives locally, in Wroughton and she shared her inspiring journey to the 2016 Rio Paralympic Games. She’s talked about how she has, and still fights for inclusion every day, and how she helps others to become more inclusive.

*Trans Ambassador Katie Neeves. Katie came out as transgender in 2018, having lived the previous forty-eight years as a man. Her platform, Cool2BTrans provides invaluable support and inspiration to transgender people. Katie appears regularly in the media; she’s’ a a BBC podcast presenter, and she has won many awards, including  British Diversity Awards Hero of 2023. She was listed as a Diversity Champion on the Global Diversity List 2023, and also on the 2024 list of Top 100 Influential People in the UK. She advocates for trans people in spite of the fact that in doing so she has to deal daily with vile hatred including from certain sections of the media

*Danielle Holmes, co founder of Black Nova Designs who shared her journey from being a single parent with much debt to being a successful business owner and how people saw one version of her when the reality was quite different. She schooled us to pause and to be kind – we cannot always see the truth from the outside.

In the Speakers Corner, the speakers included:

*Rachel Weaven, HR Consultant of Face2face hr. She shared her journey from workplace bullying to business woman. Rachel has appeared in the national press and on GB News talking about the workplace issues women face.

*Laura Dent of So Fresh, So clean – shared how her cleaning company is changing people’s lives and how she works with those with hoard – often due to deep-seated and difficult mental health issues.

*Caroline Peyton of Peyton Principles, shared her wisdom on how to eat to be more productive. She focussed on breakfast and how to eat more protein and less sugar to prevent spikes of energy and promote a more balanced approach to energy.

*Executive Coach, Emma Georgiou of Emma Georgiou Coaching shared her journey through being unhappy and burned out – to helping others as she was helped to live her best life.

*Louise Muir Sage of Wiltshire Wellness, shared her journey around helping others and building her new business.

*Lauren Roberts of Scott Media and my step-daughter, talked about her journey and decisions upon returning to work after becoming a new mother.

As you can see from the list, a wide-range of topics, all being talked about by inspirational women.  And for any men reading this – it’s in November…what are you going to do to celebrate your community’s inspirational men?

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