Is February a flat month for you?

I don’t know about you, but February is a flat month for me… Why?

Maybe because after Christmas, January at least has the feeling of the start of something new, and in business we are planning for the year ahead, and that keeps me busy.

Also, this year, I’m excited because I had my first PR and Business Retreat at the end of the month, and as those of you know, after a much-anticipated event, we often feel a little flat afterwards.

But in February, things start to settle and slow down. The weather isn’t particularly exciting and it generally makes me think of it as a dull and grey month.

So how do we liven it up – some tips for PR:

*Make the effort to get out and about if rules allow it, meet people and make new connections. Attend either online or face to face networking, and make those contacts.

*Meet up with ‘older’ connections – have that coffee or that long delayed lunch. People are looking forward to re-connecting, and during February would be a good time.

*February can be a slow news time, so send your stories to the media or a link to a popular blog post (local media only) to see if they are interested.

*Are there any themes this month you can use as a story ‘hook’ which are important to either you personally, your business or your product/services

7th Send a card to a friend day.

Why not send a card to a client, or biz partner, just to wish them well for the year ahead, thank them for their business, or in the case of a partner, to thank them for their continued support.

9th Safer internet day.

This is something all of us might have stories about – how problems with the internet have caused us issues in the past, and how we now ensure that our connections are safe and secure.

11th Day of Women and Girls in Science.

This day is used as an opportunity to promote full and equal access to, and participation in science for women and girls.

There is a lack of women going into the scientific professions and it may be that also, in your profession, women are not well represented. Make links between the two.

14 International Book Giving Day.

This is a great opportunity for your business to support a local charity or a local school. The goal of this day is to give books to as many children as possible, who may not have many, or in fact in some cases, any.  Planning ahead, you could possibly find a charity overseas where children don’t have access to books, and arrange to send some, or fund the charity to buy some. Share any information and images you are able to on your social media, or if possible in local newspapers.

17 Random Acts of Kindness Day.

A good day to be kind to everyone in the workplace, (if you are back in the office), and outside of work too.

National Apprenticeship Week – #NAW2022

This is a big initiative to celebrate during February. If you are a bigger business and employ apprentices then celebrate them this week, make the most of that ‘moment’ to be part of the conversation.

Apprentices learn from their employers how that particular business is conducted, first hand. They won’t have come with bad habits they picked up in previous organisations.

It is a great way of recruiting and maintaining talent for your business, because of the previous point. Have worked alongside you in the business, they will know your business inside out.

Taking on apprentices shows your support for the local community where your business is based. You are ‘giving back’.  Most apprentices look for work locally, as they may not yet have their own transport.

Look for any social media posts, or articles, where you can post positively about your businesses experience.

The theme this year is ‘Build the Future’. You can find out more at