It’s 2021, we’re locked down and we need to be super-visible in business!

In keeping with my theme of 21 things to know about social media platforms,

this week it’s all about Facebook.

I use Facebook with my clients where I manage their pages for organic growth – I also do the same on Twitter and LinkedIn and will, in the future, support them on YouTube too. However there are many who want/need to do this in house. With that in mind, let’s talk Facebook.

Did you know it’s one of the oldest and biggest social media platforms? Facebook has grown from humble student roots into a complicated yet powerful tool for building connections with people and businesses all over the world.

For those of you who are using this platform for marketing, more users mean more fans and you got it – more customers. Remember, with more users comes more competition. With Facebook’s regular algorithm updates (rather annoyingly so), you need to be savvier than ever to be heard amongst all the noise.

Using Facebook ‘like a pro’ needs a decent investment of time and energy, a willingness to explore and a large dollop of patience. I’ve highlighted these surprising facts and easy wins to give you a head start into the world of connection building. There’s a lot of nooks and crannies you can get lost in, but hopefully these will point you in the right direction.

Here are my 21 things to know

  1. Facebook is still the biggest social media platform in the world. In 2020 it had  2.6 billion monthly active users. That’s a hell of a lot.
  2. It reaches 60.6 per cent of internet users – beating other platforms by a mile at the moment. (Who knows if this will change in the near future?)
  3. More than 80 million small businesses use it globally – you can see why they do; the customer base is vast and varied from young adults in New York to the older generation in their armchairs in Devon.
  4. 65 per cent of its users are under the age of 35 – this is young, but Instagram has a larger percent of young people. Remember this when you are writing posts and who your audience is.
  5. 96 per cent of its users access the site from a mobile device – it’s accessible, it’s optimised for mobile phones, so check your content is displayed correctly for mobile phones.
  6. The average time spent on the platform each day by users is 58.5 minutes – that’s a considerable amount of time per person.
  7. Attempting to keep your private and personal life separate on Facebook is a fool’s game – customers or clients will always find your private profile somehow. Also, people buy from people, so it’s a good idea to be personable and real where possible.
  8. There is a social media etiquette on Facebook which is largely unspoken- the top three dislikes are: bullying others in comments (if you see this, you can report it), sharing discriminatory content and posting fake news – I’m sure you have heard or seen all of these sadly.
  9. Employers do often do a social media audit of your behaviour online- this is a part of their selection process for a job or promotion. They want to see what you are like in and outside of working hours – reputation is everything.
  10. Facebook is the third most popular internet site in the world – they are only behind website giants Google & YouTube.
  11. Women use Facebook more than men. Around 75 per cent of women and 63 percent of men – this is a useful insight when selling products and services.
  12. India has the highest number of Facebook users – about 290 million (can you believe it’s higher than the US?)
  13. The most popular person on Facebook in 2020 – is of course the charitable and highly adored footballer Cristiano Ronaldo.
  14. The most popular brands are Coca Cola & Disney – you must have seen some of their iconic videos around Christmas time? A great place for inspiration!
  15. The organisation with the largest UK audience is – Man Utd football club, followed by singer Adele.
  16. Add a CTA button to your page – call to action. This is a quick, simple and easy way for users to contact you or take action without having to search for information.
  17. Create your own customised Facebook tabs – (look it up) as it’s so useful and efficient.
  18. Facebook Lives create much better engagement – about 10x more than other posts, So I really suggest you do it.
  19. Use the data – Facebook audience insights helps you understand what you post that’s popular, and what’s not. What time of day and what your audience likes and notices. You can then adapt your posting accordingly to get the best ‘reach’.
  20. Use the Facebook Messenger bot – this is so you can respond quickly to someone in a timely manner and get back to them in person when you can.
  21. Use the ‘Save Posts’ feature – if you see something in passing that may be useful later, save it and then it’s there for you later (my favourite hack).

For many of us, Facebook is a cool and fun social media platform that allows you to connect with friends all across the world. However, as a user, Facebook is much more than just entertaining, it can be incredibly useful for businesses too. But, only if you know how to achieve that.

If you’ve decided that you’re still going to use Facebook, make sure you’re doing everything in your power to use it correctly and efficiently.

Although it takes time to master, don’t let Facebook be a time sink or rabbit hole. Spend your time wisely by researching, using the app to its full potential and adapt the content you see according to your preferences. You can save a lot of your time by using the handy features such as the messenger bot that are literally at a click of a button. Hopefully, some of my insights above will give a taster into the world of Facebook and what you can expect.