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On August 27th, it’s National Just Because Day and it’s the opportunity for us to do stuff…just because…

Let’s face it – such a day is a hook for almost anything – almost anything goes on this ‘day’.

So why not think about things you want to do in your business – just because…

Those things you have wanted to do, but weren’t sure what to do, or even if you should do them.

Things that other people tell you that you should be doing, yet you’re not convinced.  Give it some serious thought today.

Or, what about the things you could write for your social media posts? Things that you’re not really sure if you should, or if they’re important, and in your head, they perhaps come across as, ‘I’m writing them just because I need to – it’s a chore’.

Well, believe or not, I can help. How do you know what stories you want to write?

You could come along to my PR planning day in November, and find out.

Trust me when I tell you, everyone has a story in them, so why not get a head start and plan your stories for 2023


My PR planning day is on November 9th 2022, 9.30 – 17.00.

During the day we’ll discuss and plan stories around your business, you and your team. We’ll discuss how to make the most of your stories and make you more visible, more engaged – which means ultimately, you’ll gain more business.

We’ll also discuss your sales process and how well it’s working.

Although I’m leading the day, it will be an interactive event where everyone in the room works together, to support and share ideas.

It will be an intense day of planning stories, blogs and social media stories, for whatever works in your business, charity or organisation. The main focus will be on Q! 2023.


By the end of the day you will know how to:

  • Get visible and engaged in 2023.
  • Ensure your brand is on the tip of people’s tongues.
  • Let your expertise shine.
  • Plan for media engagement so they come to you.
  • Embrace your personality.
  • Get ready to sell at the right time.


Who is the workshop for?

Designed for business owners, solo entrepreneurs, marketing managers or executives, charities, not for profits & senior staff in other organisations.

The venue for the workshop, is Cotswold Park Barns, Woodmancote, near Cirencester.

Spaces are limited to 20 people for the day.

Also, during the day, for a maximum of 5 people only, there is the option to have up to 3 headshots or lifestyle shots by a professional photographer. The cost for this is: £50+VAT. These sessions must be booked and paid for in advance by emailing

Tickets for the whole workshop, are: Early bird price is £120.00 + VAT which includes a light buffet lunch.

The cancellations terms are, that no refunds are given, due to immediate costs incurred. However, a place can be transferred to another individual if a delegate is unable to attend however organisers must be informed and a private arrangement must be made about the cost.

Get a head start and plan your news stories for 2023 – just because…


To book your place now, visit:



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