Maximising that festive sweet spot for engaging with the media!

At this time of the year, it can be quite hard to think of how to engage with the media, when everyone and everything is engaging in the Christmas and New Year festivities, so here are ten tips for the types of stories that might be of interest in that strange week before the new year begins:

  1. Is there anything in your data or figures which could form a story or survey? Have you had a fantastic year of growth – or an uplift to show recovery from the pandemic? This is not just relevant at a quarter end or a year end, and don’t be afraid to share it. Sharing it now might get you coverage…because it’s a slow news time.
  1. Have you had a big win that you can celebrate? Have you secured a new client or completed a project? This might sound like a normal business activity, however, at this time of year, local and business press will often share such things. Importantly, don’t forget to send a picture with the story WHICH IS RELEVANT!
  1. Can you share an information or educational story? Are there changes in your business sector coming up or changes in legislation in your profession, which people need to be aware of? Can you become a voice for letting people know about upcoming changes? People will come back to you as an expert, if you can show your knowledge of your sector.
  1. Can you do something for someone else – for charity or for a community project and be happy to share that experience? Don’t even consider feeling awkward about getting PR, because it’s for charity. Charity organisations needing to raise funds need volunteers, and after the last two years, they are in even more need of support. They will want and need publicity, so you will be helping them too. This is becoming increasingly important for evidencing your social responsibility – especially if you are bidding for large contracts through a procurement process. If you have been involved in toy appeals, helping out at homeless shelters, food banks etc over Christmas and New Year – share these things.
  1. Is there something which matters to you personally about this time of year which you can talk about with confidence and authenticity? Brand is people and the people in your business. We all know the saying ‘people buy from people; so how about showing some vulnerability or something with meaning? Is there a day this month which reminds you of someone you lost, where you can reflect on what they meant to you? Or something which happened in history which means something to you? Christmas time does have a lot of links with mental health issues, and more and more, it is being brought out into the open.
  1. Is there something within your team which would make a good story? A team member who has qualified in something, is doing something for charity or has achieved something in the workplace or personally? This also helps with team cohesion or the ‘feel good’ factor – everyone likes to be recognised.
  1. Some titles for blogs: ‘End of the year, is it important for my business?’ or ‘Product or service?’ ‘A planning blog’ or ‘Ten Tips on… about relevant subjects’ or, ‘Christmas memories?’
  1. Special days at the end of the year that might resonate with either your business, or you personally to write about are:

*30th December is ‘National Champagne Day’. Many of us love a bit of fizz, but this year there is an expected shortage at the end of the year.  Champagne houses took the decision to reduce the. Number of bottles produced, but as Covid restrictions are easing, the demand is picking up.

Two for 31st December are:

*‘No Interruptions Day’ – the last work day of the year, one to set aside to get organised for the next year, cleaning up your workspace without interruptions.

*‘Make Up Your Mind Day’ – quite wavering, take a side, follow through a decision and stick to it. A good one to link to New Year resolutions, if you make them, or work decisions that you are considering.

  1. Are you having a New Year celebration for your business or doing anything special to set the year off? Have you cancelled your party due to the latest Covid restrictions, or decided to continue but with certain provisos? Are you doing something particularly unusual that might be of interest?
  • Celebrate any awards you have won this year. Write a blog ‘10 things to celebrate in our business this year’ – don’t forget to include images.

*And one extra thought…what about the weather…if we get snow, it always make good pictures…is the weather integral to your business? Then think ‘weather’ at this time.

Have a wonderful Happy New Year celebration!