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As many of you will be aware if you receive my newsletters or see my posts, my step-daughter, Lauren has joined my team.  Let me introduce you to her.

We have known each other since she was three years old. She has three siblings with me, and another sibling with her mum, so she is part of a large family. Now she has her own family.

When Lauren was in the 6th form, she had every intention of going to university to study journalism, after taking a gap year.  However, during that gap year, she took a job as a customer service agent at a high-street payday lender. She loved earning money and the independence that brought, so she decided to postpone her university plans.

2 years later, she got a job at an oil company, as a trainee credit controller, and loved the job so much, she stayed there for 9 years, working her way to up manager. She left to go on maternity leave.

Lauren has been with Gareth (now her husband), since she was just 13. They moved into their first house together in 2019, married in 2021 and Oliver, their baby boy was born in November 2022. So, rather than regret not going to university, she is happy because that choice enabled her and Gareth to save and buy their home together, where they can raise their family.

After 12 months on maternity leave, Lauren realised she didn’t want to leave Oliver and go back to full time work. We’ve both had conversations over the years about Lauren joining me in the business, and we knew this was the right time.  She joined me for a few tester days to see what life was like in Scott Media – which included helping host my last PR Planning Day.

Lauren working in Scott Media

In the business, Lauren is focussing on Scott Media Speakers platform.

She is enjoying the connections and all of the people she is meeting and having the opportunity to work with. She also writes press releases, blog posts and advertorial content for clients, plus also creating some of Scott Media’s social media content. Lauren is using me as a sponge to soak up as much knowledge as she can.

 Outside of work

Apart from looking after Oliver which obviously takes up a lot of time, most of Lauren and Gareth spend a lot of their spare time as a family outdoors.  Gareth rides a Yamaha R6 in NG Road Racing championships around the UK, so they often travel to support Gareth.   

Like the rest of my children, Lauren loves all things Disney and is enjoying introducing Oliver to her favourites.

In the future…

I’m looking forward to Lauren developing her role in the business more and more, ultimately with use being able to offer more services, and even increase our client base.  What I particularly love is having another family member, who like me – is a story teller! I know she also looks forward to being able to explore her artistic side when Oliver is a little older too.

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