Mother’s Day is on the horizon – what does it mean to you?

Mother’s Day, always fall on the fourth Sunday of Lent, so this year; March 27th.

Whether you have a retail or service business, you can do some PR around Mother’s Day if you wish. You can be part of a conversation.

Why might that be important? Well it might have religious significance or personal significance for you or it might be that it’s a great time to make sales. It’s worth remembering that 85 per cent of all buying decisions are made by women. That alone might make it worthy of consideration.

As I always mention, talking about yourself and your family is as important as thinking totally about business, and particularly if you deliver a service.  So, as well as wanting to ‘sell’, think about interesting ideas you can share.

10 Tips for PR around Mother’s Day or Mothering Sunday:

Remember that most of the messages for Mother’s Day are about our: appreciation, compassion, generosity, gratitude or love. Keep them in mind when planning your PR and writing blogs – they may be central themes. Be a little more considered if you want to go down a more negative route such as having a ‘toxic mother’ etc.


  1. Importantly, if you sell product which work for Mother’s Day you should already have planned your product PR for this year’s Mother’s Day – if you haven’t, you are leaving it far too late! So, start planning for next year, put the day into your PR plan.
  1. Next year Mother’s Day falls on 19th March 2023. If you run a retail business, start NOW, to track what sells well this year. Then begin to consider which of those products you still want to offer next year and start selling earlier (early bird, discounts etc). Get that money flowing. Put special sales events in your diary in advance.  Working around them, plan special offers and begin to create your promo codes, and start designing gift vouchers and plan printing ahead of time, and thinking about email campaigns.
  1. Plan social media posts for sales: create calls to action posts, headlines about new products; create some competitions. Also, make some fun social media posts using appropriate images. You might want to plans some quotations, share some book tips, or music tips or ask people to share their stories with you.
  1. If you have a service business, consider setting up some referral marketing opportunities with other local businesses, especially food companies, or local pubs or restaurants. E.g. if they spend X amount with you in the month of March or April they receive a discount voucher for Y business – towards a meal for your mum (not just on Mother’s Day), or receive a food product from the company.
  1. If you have a new mum on the team in your business, write a blog about her, talking about how you support her to manage her job and home life. Showing the compassion in your business.
  1. Have you followed your mum into a similar career? If so, talk to her about the differences between when she was a mum and now. How have attitudes to working mums changed – if they have? How did you feel when she was working and you were young? How do you feel about working, now you have children?
  1. If your mum has been an important and influential part in supporting you to be where you are today, write a blog about your gratitude towards her.
  1. Perhaps your mum has passed on a particularly strong trait or characteristic which you know has helped you in your business – write a blog about appreciating sharing that trait with her.
  1. Do a fun social media post ‘Match the mums’ – with images of your team’s mothers, alongside and mixed up, members of your team. Can people guess which mum belongs to which member of the team?
  1. If the main reason you run your business is because you are a mum and your ‘why’ is your children, do a blog about that and how it makes you feel.

Next week I’m blogging about, being born in March.