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On St Valentine’s Day, I’m running the first of my Powerful PR and Pitching Days for a small group of business owners, charity volunteers, experts or marketing/PR executives in the Cotswolds.

I’m looking forward to these because they will be very different to the ones I’ve previously run, which have always been successful and filled with people. I think people will be even more interested in the planning days of the future.

Why? Each of the 2024 days will involve working with a freelance national journalist based in the UK who will be actively looking for stories and new contacts. All four days in 2024 will involve a new journalist. If it’s successful I’ll introduce even more journalists in 2025.

During the day, we will still be planning for the business owners’ PR and media outreach starting from Quarter 2 2024  and all attendees will meet my first guest journalist Clare O’Reilly.

Clare has been working as a national journalist for decades working as a freelance journalist, she has written for The Independent, The Sun, The Telegraph, The Scottish Sun, The Irish Sun and the U.S. Sun, Metro (UK), and many more.

She is a Sunday Times best-selling ghost writer and national and international newspaper journalist with over two decades of experience.

Having run features desks on three continents in Sydney, Manhattan and London she’s interviewed celebrities and politicians from the Kardashian’s to Keir Starmer. She’s also run national campaigns that have changed legislation.

Clare has worked high profile stories including royal weddings and Hurricane Katrina and is also a ghost writer for celebrity columns in national newspapers.

If you attend my day, during the morning you will be planning with both me and Clare starting to identify your stories and finding out what kind of story Clare is looking for, then in the afternoon, you will have the opportunity to pitch you stories to us, and get honest feedback. If you find the thought of this nerve-wracking don’t worry – we’ll simply do a Q&A session with you to draw out your expertise.

Clare will be sharing the stories, case studies and experts she is looking to work with too. All attendees will be going into her ‘little black book’ and this is an unmissable opportunity to form direct relationships with someone like her.

The aim of the day is for everyone to understand that the best way to get good PR is to meet and engage with journalists and understand their agenda – and how you might fit into that agenda from time to time. No matter what the size of your business, you never know what amazing opportunities could come your way.

The cost of these days in 2024 will be £250 plus VAT for a place (early bird until January 31) and this includes a fantastic grazing lunch provided by Wiltshire supplier Truffle & Thyme.

Also, during the day, Barbara Leatham, professional photographer, will offer the chance for up to six attendees to have a fantastic and beautiful mini photoshoot at our stunning location – Cotswold Park Barns. The venue has plenty of wonderful indoor and outdoor opportunities for beautiful backdrops.

You’ll get the media-friendly shots you need, and which are a must when pitching stories to journalists. These mini-shoots will cost an extra £50 plus VAT. You will be given a link to a gallery where you will be able to choose up to five images for your future use.  If you would like to book a mini-shoot with Barbara, please can you email Hannah: 

There are only 20 places available on the day, and at time of writing half have gone already.  Numbers are kept lower, so that everybody on the workshop will get our full attention and will feel heard.

This workshop is for those businesses that want to become more visible in 2024 – you could be a business owner, a director, a marketing executive or manager, a fellow PR professional, a staff member of a business organisation or someone who works within a charity.

If this is you and you want to be part of this exciting new workshop, book following this link. After this first workshop, the next one will be in May 2024.

To book your place, please follow the link:

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