My PR Tips for 2023 as we wave goodbye to 2022!

Posted on December 29, 2022 by Categories: Uncategorized

My 14th year in business has been a ride of many colours and  I’ve had some celebrations and most of all I’d like to thank all of my clients who have been with me on the journey.

·      The year began with me winning a national award as the UK’s Top PR Adviser for Small Businesses.

·      My podcast which started this time last year PR Not BS with Fiona Scott, has had more than 1,800 downloads.

·      The Scott Media hard copy social media/media diary and planner has been produced and sold out! A digital copy is on its way.

·      Most excitingly, I have finished the first draft of my book about my first ten years in business – to be published in 2023.

Here are some tips about the themes that I think the media, both business and general, will consider important in the next year.

Do any of these relate to your business; the products or services you offer, and does it matter to me or my team? 

These themes are useful for blogging and social media etc.

My tips for 2023

1.     Cost of Living Crisis and Recession; what positive hacks tips or advice can you give? Or is there a challenge for you that you need to talk openly about?

2.     Weather – always a good subject for the UK media, and British conversation in general. Particularly, they will be interested in pictures or videos illustrating extreme weather or change of seasons.

3.     Green and sustainability. Can you demonstrate that your business is moving towards net zero? Examples of good practice and what’s possible. Beware of ‘greenwashing’ – ie misleading statements.

4.     Technology – especially AI. Are you working smarter with tech, working more efficiently, but not forgetting the human being? The media with value ‘Tech with heart’.

5.     Working from home and remote working – risks and benefits. When it works and when it doesn’t, and four-day weeks. Tips and hacks. 

6.     Ukraine War and Brexit impacts. Talk openly about this especially if you have put or prices, or can’t supply certain products. Sharing these challenges collectively can impact policy at a national and international level. Putting your head in the sand pretending it isn’t happening doesn’t work and you can end up with bad PR because people are unaware of what is actually happening.

7.     Wellbeing – both mental and physical health, poor mental health and also spiritual health. These are all important, especially if you are struggling to retain employees or even recruit them in the first place. Care about your staff and shout out about how you do that.

8.     Authenticity is increasingly important when there is so much fake news around.

9.     Opportunity for thought leadership – there will be a great need for contributed articles across media outlets, as the media sector contracts with less staff jobs and less trained journalists.

10.  People -remember you are the face of your business. The timeless fact is that the best stories are about people, not products or services. People!

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