Pinterest – don’t forget this little social media gem!

Born in 2009, doubled in revenue in 2019 and predicted to be a huge hit for businesses in 2021, Pinterest is the world’s catalogue of ideas.

It helps people discover the things they love, provides inspiration and shows them how to apply these ideas to their everyday lives. It’s like the Argos catalogue, but digital, prettier and way easier to find your way around.

A perfect social media planning platform, a resource and also, for some businesses, a way to become visible and drive people to your own business. This is one platform where understanding it’s less obvious value, probably requires training.

You may be wondering how you can use this visual platform for business, but I can tell you that Pinterest is a fantastic channel for marketing your brand.

It’s true, marketing strategies on here come and go (just like all the other channels), but the key to staying on top of these never-ending trends is to use it well. You’ll soon be able to tell if this is one of your essential social media shop windows.

Pinterest tips and insights…

  1. Fresh pins – the good news is, the algorithm is in your favour on Pinterest. Yes, you need to create fresh pins (consistent and new content), but when you share a new piece of content, the algorithm first distributes it to your followers, then the more users engage with your pin, the more exposure it will receive.
  2. Create video pins – this is something they are currently favouring right now, so jump on them whilst they’re hot. Engage your users with the power of movement and sound.
  3. Seasonal content – this content is the best way to get traction on Pinterest. You can do this through blog posts to reflect the season, or promote seasonal products. Look critically at the ebb and flow of your business year are seasons and occasions like Valentine’s Day, Easter, Halloween, Christmas really important in your business? If so, Pinterest is for you.
  4. Auditing – it may not be the most exciting of tasks, but it is something that is crucial. Make sure you aren’t pinning the same things all the time and have a look over your board names – are they still relevant? Pay attention to the detail.
  5. Active users – Pinterest has more than 320 million monthly active users (think how many more have an account but haven’t logged in for the last 30 days!)
  6. Millennials – 52% of millennials use Pinterest every single month – that sets the tone for the sort of age range on this platform. They plan here, they look for ideas and brands here, this is where they think about their wedding, prom, next favourite dress, their decorating…
  7. Women power – 71% of global Pinterest users are female, 85% of women on Pinterest use it to plan life moments (you might even have a cheeky secret wedding board or a DIY project board)
  8. Marketers in 2020 – 28% of global marketers are already on this platform and gaining promotion from it.
  9. Filled with positive vibes – nine out of ten pinners describe it as a platform filled with positivity. This is really powerful, especially with the mental health issues around the pandemic – it’s an escapism we all need.
  10. Timing – the average time spent on Pinterest is 14.2 minutes, which may not seem a lot compared to Instagram and Facebook, but it is growing significantly as time goes on and with more marketers using it.
  11. Revenue – Pinterest ad revenue surpassed 1 billion dollars in 2020, with 61% of users making purchases from promoted pins.
  12. Most followed account – Joy Cho is the most followed user with 11 million followers. She is a designer and blogger with 82 boards carefully curated.
  13. Most pins – the top 3 most popular categories are food/drink, home décor and travel. This is great news for businesses out there in these sectors.
  14. Use graphics and text where possible – the pins that do the best, are ones with both text and graphics, for example, a picture of a beach and bold writing saying top 5 beaches in the UK. People like inspiration as well as information.
  15. Focus – keep your personal and business account separate and keep within your niche. For example, if your business account is filled with personal home décor projects, but you actually build websites for the equestrian sector, then the focus is lost in your area of expertise.
  16. Secret boards – use these for research and inspiration and they won’t be seen by the public. They are there for your eyes only and can be really helpful for creative business ideas.
  17. There are five different types of rich pins – article pins, product pins, recipe pins, movie pins and place pins. Each one is a marketing dream and has more information than the standard pin. (Find out how to do this by watching a YouTube video ‘How to use rich pins on Pinterest). It’s worth your time, promise.
  18. Collaboration over competition – why not collaborate with another Pinterest user to widen your audience and reach? Use the PinGroupie tool to identify popular group boards by niche.
  19. Don’t shorten your links – it may be tempting as there’s a word limit, but don’t do it because this causes the user to get a spam alert (even if it isn’t)
  20. Re-pin content from other users – this shows that you can provide areas of expertise, but can also gather great content from other experts that you deem useful or inspirational.
  21. Schedule pins in advance – this not only saves time, but it ensures content is regularly going out to your users without you having to log on every five seconds. There are so many scheduling tools out there and some are even free.

It may be a relatively new platform for marketers, but it’s jam-packed full of positivity and inspiration – and let’s face it, we all need a boost during lockdown!

Pinterest cuts the social aspect, and focuses on the content at hand. It really is a dynamite driver of traffic and has the potential to bring hundreds and thousands of new visitors to your website every single day.

Happy pinning!

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