Do you listen to podcasts? Or, have you made a podcast for your business?

It is something I’ve been considering, and that is fast becoming something more tangible, although, still in its infancy…

Listen to this space!

History of Podcasts:

At the beginning of the 21st century, the term podcasting didn’t exist.

The development of podcasts are intrinsically linked to the development of the iPod, which debuted in 2001.

*2004- Adam Curry and Dave Winer are credited with the invention of podcasting.  The former was an MTV VJ, and the latter, a software developer.  They worked out how to download online radio broadcasts from the internet, directly onto Apple’s new device.

For the first time, radio broadcast files could be stored on a portable player and listened to, on the go.

February – The term podcasting was mentioned by Ben Hammersley in an article The Guardian newspaper.

October – the first podcast service provider emerged, and by the end of the year, Google searches for the term, ‘podcasts’ was over 100,000.

*2005 – podcasts began to become more popular. Yahoo! Unviled a podcast search site, and the medium’s first six-figure deal took place – with Mommycast, hosted by two Nothern Virginia moms talking about health and nutrition.  U.S President George W. Bush joined in, delivering his weekly address via podcast.

Apple, introduced podcasts into iTunes, and built a directory of podcast in the iTunes Music Store.

*2006 – was when podcasts were freed from iPods, when Steve Jobs explained to a live audience, during a keynote address, how to create their own podcast using Apple’s free GarageBand software.

Christmas, the Queen’s ma Christmas Day speech was made available to download as a podcast.

Ricky Gervais set a Guinness World Record for the most downloaded podcast – a quarter of a million downloads per episode. (This is since been overtaken by The Adam Carolla Show, which achieved 59 million downloads).

*2013 – by this time, there was a healthy, established, audience base for podcasts.

*2019 – reported that 165million people had listened to a podcast, and 90million Americans listened to a podcast monthly.

*2020 – Spotify had been battling with Apple for audio share, and by this year, they established themselves as major players in the podcasting field.

*2021 – podcast revenue is projected to surpass the $1 billion mark.

So, with all of these podcasts out there, where do you start?   Here are some ideas for business podcasts.

Top 10 UK business podcasts:

  1. How I Built this – with Guy Raz – explores the beginnings of some of the world’s most famous enterprises. Inspiring content.
  1. My First Million- Shaan Puri and Sam Parr – who are all about spreading entrepreneurial knowledge and celebrating entrepreneurial successes. An insider’s perspective into the UK’s entrepreneurial scene.
  1. Business Wars – David Brown. Two competing industry giants are pitted against each other in a detailed study of their successes. You’ll understand the impact these companies have on our everyday lives.
  1. Wake up to Money – BBC Radio 5, hosted by Sean Farrington who interviews business owners, academic experts and company execs. Interesting success stories and current events.
  1. Business Casual – Kinsey Grant. Interviews with various industry professionals to discuss the scope of their particular niche. Fantastic for knowing what is going on in your industry and adjacent industries.
  1. Start Up – Lisa Chow and Alex Blumberg – an American -based podcast, but very interesting.  Adaptable, completely relevant to the budding business owner.
  1. The Disruptive Entrepreneur – Rob Moore. An interview-style set-up. But it is disruptive, with plenty of laughs.
  1. The Pitch – Josh Muccio. Similar in structure to Dragon’s Den.
  1. The Tim Ferris Show – interviews with big public figures.  This podcast has received up to 400 million downloads.
  1. Hashtag Authentic – Sara Tasker. Insight into the world of social media and online marketing.

Are you ready for a Fiona Scott podcast?