Reasons to book a Power Hour

  • You don’t understand what PR is and you wish to educate yourself
  • You want to educate a team member about “press relations”
  • You want to DIY your PR, but you don’t know where to start
  • You think you have a media story, but you need some guidance around it
  • You want to create a PR strategy, but you need some expert help
  • You want to build a social media strategy but don’t know where to start
  • You want to write effective blogs but feel overwhelmed

What is a PR Power Hour?

A PR Power Hour allows you to spend some virtual time one to one with Fiona Scott who is a journalist of over 35 years’ experience and has run her own PR business for 15 years.

In that hour she will ask you what you’re hoping to achieve and work out a strategy with you to achieve that goal within those 60 minutes.

It might be that you just want Fiona to be a sounding board to work out how to bring your plan to life or it might be that you have no idea where to start and want to tell Fiona your story and create a plan of action for your PR from the very beginning.

Fiona will make suggestions and then together you’ll come up with a plan which you can then go off and deliver.

This is a fantastic and powerful way to achieve your PR goals for a small investment and with as little or as much financial commitment as you wish.

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