Do you find it hard to think of a story for your business, something the media might be interested in? Or would it make a good blog post? Or a long form social media post, or a series of social media posts? How about I give you a little PR strategy for October and beyond?

Here are ten tips for the 10th month.

*What’s on in your diary? Are you speaking at an event, are you running an event, doing something for charity? Ask yourself, will the local media be interested in that and what picture can I use? (Make sure it’s a high-resolution, colour image).

*What’s on out there? Can I be part of a ‘story’ that’s happening anyway ie. ‘newsjacking’, for example: . Autumn Budget on October 27?  I run a small business, so can I have an opinion on that and share it with the local media? On the day? By 5pm? And include a headshot of me? (Professionally taken).

*Halloween occurs in October each year, it’s a ‘thing’. Is it important for my business? Or product or service? Can I share a blog on ‘How to have a happy Halloween?’ Or ‘Ten Tips for a Halloween party’? Can I use the hook of Halloween to create a story which makes sense for me and my business? Come on anyone can write a blog about Halloween memories? Check out my last blog to see…

*Is there another hook this month which isn’t Halloween, but which is current and relevant to your business? What about Oct 23, National Make A Difference Day?

*Is there something which matters to you personally this month which you can talk about with confidence and authenticity? After all people buy from people, so how about showing some vulnerability or something with meaning? Is there a day this month which reminds you of someone you lost, where you can reflect on what they meant to you? Or something which happened in history which means something to you?

*Is there something within your team which would make a good story this month? A team member who has qualified in something, is doing something for charity or has achieved something in the workplace or otherwise? This also helps with team cohesion or the ‘feel good’ factor – everyone likes to be recognised.

*Is there anything in your data or figures which you could form a story? Have you had a fantastic year of growth – or an uplift to show recovery from the pandemic? This is relevant at a quarter end or a year end, and don’t be afraid to share it.

*Is there a big win you can celebrate? Have you secured a new client or completed a project? While this might sound like a normal business activity, local and business press will often share such things. Don’t forget to send a picture with the story.

*Can you do an information or educational story? Are there changes in your sector coming up or changes in legislation in your area which people need to be aware of? Can you become a voice for letting people know about upcoming changes? An example for October was the implementation of Natasha’s Law on October 1. My client Creative Nature has been talking about this for months. Can you do the same around a subject relevant to your business or sector?

*Can you do something for someone else – for charity for a community project and be happy to share that experience? Don’t think ‘oh we should do it for charity and not for PR’ (for me that’s a given). Remember organisations which need to fund raise or need volunteers also need publicity, so you’d be helping them too. This will also become increasingly important for evidencing your social responsibility, especially if you are bidding for large contracts through a procurement process.