Andy Entwistle

Andy Entwistle – passionate about making sales and selling, simple, ethical and successful, as described in his book ‘The Persuasive Power of Ethical Selling’.

Originally a physicist and engineer, Andy was clearly good at building customer relationships, and inevitably moved into sales, pursuing a 17-year career in sales and management.  A sales director and fed up with the widespread pressure selling ethos, he formed Salient Sales & Training in 2007. Andy now trains and coaches his ethical sales approach to great effect and has worked with over 250 delegates from over 70 companies, large and small, from various markets. 

Andy’s key principles are Value, Integrity, Professionalism and Good Humour.  He enjoys giving presentations, and training delegates in making presentations has become a major part of the Salient approach.  More recently he has become involved in after-dinner speaking. Whether training or speaking, he likes to leave ’em smiling!

Speaking Topics 

  • Making a difference – influence and persuasion without pressure
  • Staying positive under pressure – how to keep looking on the ‘bright side’
  • Tales of a travelling salesman – been there, done that
  • Secrets and Lights – stories of a young physicist during the cold war
  • Timeout or Burnout? – making the best use of your time; job and life satisfaction
  • The secret ingredients for successful selling – may surprise you!
  • Confrontation? – right or wrong? When to challenge and when to walk away
  • ‘Fake it ‘til you make it? – Do you? Should you?

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