Dave Nelson

Dave Nelson, the mastermind behind Truffle & Thyme, is driven by an unwavering passion for food. His journey reflects a lifelong immersion in the culinary world, where food has been both a source of joy and occasional dismay.  

From cherishing his mother’s legendary roast chicken to recoiling from dreaded school lunches, Dave’s relationship with food runs deep. His career path reads like a menu of culinary experiences, from humble beginnings peeling potatoes in a chip shop to orchestrating events in hotel management. University saw him waiting tables, while summers were spent delivering milk door-to-door.  

When the pandemic hit, Dave instinctively turned to his culinary roots, launching his own business Truffle & Thyme. Through it all, his love for food remains the driving force behind his delicious journey. 

Speaking Topics  

  • Personal Journey 
  • Setting up a business in the pandemic 
  • What is fine food 
  • Creating a local network of foodies 
  • Rise of English artisan cheese  
  • The Slow Food movement 
  • Food: From Field to Fork 

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