Silvia Coletto

Silvia Coletto is a seasoned marketing professional who has been guiding businesses to improve their marketing since 2016. With her expertise in media buying and a deep understanding of the customer journey, Silvia can help businesses overcome obstacles to growth. She approaches marketing with a straightforward attitude, bringing a unique advertising perspective to the table, having managed millions in digital ad spend for both large and small clients.

Silvia believes that any business can be successful as long as they have a clear understanding of their target audience and their buying behaviour. She focuses on the fundamentals of great marketing, including clarity in business goals, a deep understanding of buyer motivation, a unique message, and a solid understanding of how all the pieces of the marketing puzzle fit together.

She’s not just a speaker but also a consultant who can help businesses take their paid advertising to the next level.

Speaking Topics 

  • Common pitfalls in the buyer journey from 10 years in business
  • Understanding the fundamentals¬†of great paid advertising¬†
  • The importance of analytics tracking for marketing activity

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