Spring is on its way! March always makes me feel cheerful.

Spring is supposed to be the season of new beginnings, and for some reason, March always makes me feel cheerful, as I think about the better weather, and the opportunities to come.

Season-wise, it’s the time when we see fresh buds begin to bloom, hibernating animals begin to wake, farmers and gardeners plant their seeds, and the temperatures slowly rise.

We see the start of Spring in the Northern Hemisphere around March 20th, so not too far away.

The increased light during the hours of the days bring with them many effects that improve our mood and give rise to hope.  After months and months of quite grey days, blues skies always add to a good mood.

This year we have so many plans, almost all personal and I’m excited.

At the beginning of March, my bestie and her husband are renewing their wedding vows and on the same day, she is turning 70! Wow!  I’m looking forward to sharing the day with them, and I’m even involved, in delivering a reading!

Months ago, we booked to see the musical, The Lion King. It’s on at the Bristol Hippodrome Theatre and we wanted to make sure we got tickets, hence booking so many months ago. I have seen it before, in London, along with the kids. They loved it.  I was sceptical about how it would work ‘live’, but it’s astonishing.  The costumes, the dancing, the puppets, the effects, the incredible sets – somehow, it all comes alive. When I saw it was on in Bristol, I jumped at the chance to go again. I can’t wait.

The next main celebration will be my birthday turning up near the end of the month. As I’ve had the last two birthdays as birthday lockdowns, I can’t wait to be free to get out and about!

What have I learned about having a lockdown birthday:

*how much I actually enjoy having a meal out with people I love and care about. Spending time chatting, savouring food that I haven’t had to cook, in company I enjoy is perfect for a night out.

*simply going to the cinema – I love films. Recently I went to see ‘Westside Story’ with my girls and my bestie, and it was brilliant. The cinema was almost empty, so we could quite easily have joined in the singing and dancing, although I think my singing might have cleared out the few people that were there.!

*I’m not a party or go and sit in a pub-type. I’d much rather spend the time with family and friends, as I’ve mentioned either out for a meal, or a home, playing silly games, over drinks and nibbles.

*that presents matter less than experiences…  It is great to receive presents, but for me, they are not the main thing about birthdays.

During lockdown still received presents but it didn’t mean ‘presence’ it meant ‘absence’ from some family members, friends and the second time it felt worse than the first!

Hopefully this year, I’ll be able to celebrate my birthday in rather more style!