Ten of my favourite films and why I love them

Having talked about enjoying taking part in filming, it’s probably not surprising that I also love to watch films.

I’m not a great lover of chick flicks or love stories particularly. I prefer action films and fantasy adventures, but every now and then there is a film which just stays with you and you never get tired of it.

If I asked my kids to name my favourite film they will know straightaway what it is:

  1. Spotlight – the Boston Globe investigation into how the Catholic Church ‘hid’ paedophile priests back in the day. This group of journalists broke a local story which led to a global wave of revelations about paedophiles around the Catholic Church and the global cover up. Also, it is most accurate when it comes to portraying how investigative journalists work.
  1. Paul – the alien spoof film starring Simon Pegg, Nick Frost, which also includes some Hollywood names: Sigourney Weaver, Seth Rogan and Jason Bateman. It’s a feel good, funny, light-hearted, adult film.
  1. The Da Vinci Code – very, very clever film. I loved the books; love Tom Hanks and it is beautifully shot. For me, it’s the visual representation of a ‘photographic memory’ and the music is absolutely sensational.
  1. Jurassic Park – the first film that for me, made dinosaurs look real. Old films from my childhood always looked a bit crap, with bad puppets, men in suits and then came this. I’ve loved all of the follow-up films but this one broke the mould. It was inspiring and of course wonderful music again, written by one of the best film composers, John Williams.
  1. The Harry Potter series – to be transported to another world where anyone could actually be Harry Potter is magical and it closely reflected the books which I read avidly. A masterpiece of movie magic based around the life of an ordinary boy stuck in an abusive family environment.
  1. Lord of the Rings – based on the books I’d read many times in my life. An epic tale of adventure. I’ve got the extended versions and have watched them all several times, fantastic escapism.
  1. The Greatest Showman – this is the film I never wanted to watch but my bestie persuaded me and we went with my girls. Hubby and David weren’t interested. The film is a magical mystery tour of music which made you want to sing and dance. A modern musical which is simple yet magical, and of course Hugh Jackman always helps. Had to then take hubby and David who loved it too.
  1. Percy Jackson and the Lightning Thief – I just love the idea that gods and demi-gods have adventures that I’m party to. The second film is Percy Jackson: Sea of Monsters. There was to be a third Percy Jackson film, but because it has taken so long, the actors have aged too much. The author of the books, Rick Riordan announced in 2020 that Disney will be producing a live-action tv series, which will be released on Disney+ potentially in the summer next year.
  1. Shallow Hal – quite old now but I love Jack Black and the premise of the film about love being about personality rather than physical looks. And of course, there’s a big dose of Tony Robbins in there, more famous as an author, coach, speaker and philanthropist.
  1. The Rock – a thriller, staring the late great Sean Connery and Nicholas Cage. For me, this is the best role Sean Connery ever played.

I do have plenty more films I love – it’s always hard to pick….

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