Ten ways to use ‘Spring’ as a hook or story for you and your business.

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We are moving into one of the best seasons – Spring. A time when temperatures gradually rise, we begin to see buds emerge, beautiful colourful flowers, and general growth. Also there are lighter evenings and for many of us we feel more optimistic.

Here are ten ways you could tell a story, or use Spring as a story ‘hook’ for you or your business.

  1. You could focus on growth, thinking about all of the new things you want to achieve during this year. Or, perhaps you have some new products or services that you could introduce as Spring celebrations. Or maybe this is the year for you to grow your staff numbers. The better weather often gives us more vitality, so a good time to think of new ideas for the business. Make use of your new energy to plan.
  1. You could send clients, customers or newsletter subscribers an Easter card or message perhaps with a spring offer or discount for your products or services. If you have a product, you could offer a free Easter egg to everyone who shops with you over a ceratin amount, during your discount period.
  1. Spruce up your brand image with some ‘spring cleaning’. Perhaps a little bit of fun with your brand identity, by adding an extra pop of colour, or a decorative flower design, just for Spring. You won’t be completely altering your brand image, but you will certainly get noticed, and start a conversation.
  1. Bring back Spring best sellers. In the past you may have created a product just for the Spring season –like many of the big coffee chains do at Christmas & Halloween. Why not create your own version for Spring? You may even have done it in the past, but completely forgotten about it. Can you create or re-create a ‘Spring special’?
  1. Spring clean your business generally and talk about it. Go back through previous marketing and identify what has worked well for you and what hasn’t. Throw out things that aren’t doing well and try some new ideas in their place.  Have a tidy of your office or work space, throwing out things that aren’t needed anymore, stuff which is left in a pile, because nobody wants it. Check it through – if it has no purpose, bin or recycle it. Alternatively, you might know of a local community project which is all about cleaning up the area. Join in and show them that you are supporting your local area physically, giving your time. Make sure you take photos for your social media, blog about it and if a picture really makes you smile – do a press release about it.
  1. Memories of Spring from childhood. For me that might include my Grandad, a burly coal miner, collecting me small posies of fragrant violets, or heading out to the bluebell woods with my mum and sister to collect flowers instead of watching the boring FA Cup final. Not something I would do now, now I’d just take pictures of them as I still find the FA Cup final boring! You might have your own memories of being given posies at church to take back to your mum for Mother’s Day.
  1. Spruce up your outdoor space of your business, or your office to improve ‘kerb’ appeal and document it. As well as spring cleaning, maybe the outdoor space of your business needs renewing or cheering up. It is the first thing people see when they visit you, whether you are a shop, an office – whatever. So, if you have an outdoor space, does it look welcoming? Would some potted plants add colour, if you don’t have a garden?  If you don’t have an outdoor space, think about some plants for the office, to bring the greenery of the outside into the inside.
  1. Add Spring colours and decorations to your social media posts. Make them stand out – move up a notch for Spring. Bring a smile to your customers faces when they go online and see any posts from you. Add Spring hashtags, which in themselves can be fun. #spring #springcolours #Ilovespring #herecomesthesun  Get your followers involved in creating some for you. A great way to get interaction on your social media.
  1. Continuing with social media posts – there are a lot of marketing opportunities during the months of Spring. Easter, Mother’s Day, Earth Day. Organise some online contests (including the hashtag idea above). Give out small prizes for the most original or interesting answers. Ask questions about how your clients are going to celebrate?  What special family customs to they have? Do they do anything unusual? Make sure your prizes represent your business.
  1. If your business is not already ‘green’, the beginning of Spring is a great time to begin to become greener. Look at your energy savings; choose green suppliers and partners; go paperless; recycle and reuse… What can you change to become a greener business? Do this mindfully though as it’s easy to participate in ‘greenwashing’ where it looks ‘green’ but the reality is something else. Often planting trees to offset carbon footprint is an example of this. Very few of those trees make it to adulthood to provide a real benefit to the planet.

These are just a few ideas to make Spring go with a bounce for you, your PR and your business over the next few months. One of my favourites is National Walking Month in May – as I walk a lot, it’s an easy win for me!

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