Interestingly, there are quite a few things that personally annoy me about New Year! As we move away now from saying ‘happy new year’ and those new year themes start to drift away – I can admit I really cringe at many of them. Frankly they sometimes make me want to vomit!

*One of the main ones is the deluge of weight loss stories.  They suddenly start popping up on your timeline on social media, in the mainstream media and also you start to get DMs from people you don’t know asking if you are interested in their miracle weight loss programme. Even if it’s true, that judgment from a complete stranger that you look like someone who needs to lose weight is simply insulting.

I don’t want to be told by anyone else that I should diet.

What’s annoying about them is that many people do feel overweight, and can also be ‘shamed’ into being taken in, because they are vulnerable to these types of adverts.  They grasp to an idea that there’s a ‘quick fix’ , as if they are a complete panacea to their problem. When the reality is: there is no quick, easy way to lose weight, without working at it, and making life style choices – and most importantly working with someone you know, like and trust.

*Another thing that goes with this, are the faddy apps that are also associated with weight loss.  Again, the majority of these are fancy new frontages on something that already exists and will just make you lose money rather than weight in the long term.

I’m sure I’ve said this before, but I don’t set New Year resolutions – I think you set yourself up for failure.

In fact, research has shown that 23% of people quit their resolution by the end of the first week in January, and 43% quit by the end of the month!

If you’re just doing something for the new year, then you’re not in it for the long-term. When you are wanting to accomplish something, you need to set goals around it and commit your mind to the long term work required.

Plus it can also help to have an accountability partner, if you don’t trust yourself – to just check in with you, and keep you on track.

Another thing I hate at this time of the year is the tsunami of articles, ads and posts about – time to book your holidays now!

We’ve just finished paying out for Christmas, and now the travel businesses want us to spend more money on our holidays and make immediate plans.

I think that it must work as otherwise no one would keep doing it – and there are deals to be had if you are someone who comes out of Christmas ready to book your getaways early. I’m not one of those people however my husband is…yet he sets his own agenda and I just turn up!

After reading all of that, you’re probably thinking I’ve taken on the character of Scrooge…

But no, there is one thing I’m looking forward to…

I can’t wait for the start of the Apprentice, which I’m completely addicted to and get totally involved in. It is a guilty pleasure and brightens up, for me, a pretty flat time on tv.

I generally blog about the show, with my predictions, my favourites etc. so you’ll hear all of my thoughts about that and if you hate The Apprentice, I’m sure you’ll let me know!