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I want to celebrate Book Lovers’ Day on August 9th, which is all about taking the time to celebrate the reader in all of us. I’m a bookworm and always have been even though, aged six, my parents were told I was ‘retarded’ when it came to reading.


There were few books in my home, other than the Bible and some supporting religious texts. My mum barely had the patience for reading and my dad didn’t until later in life. However I got the bug and will read part of a book every day, mostly novels rather than factual books.


Some bookophile facts:

  • The Library of Ashurbanipal. In the 7th Century BC, the first organised library was established by an Assyrian ruler and was filled with approximately 30,000 cuneiform tablets. These predated books by many centuries.
  • Scrolls were first created in the 4th Century BC – the first way that humans kept records and written documents, sometimes made from papyrus.
  • 2100 BC – the first known book was written: “The Epic of Gilgamesh” – a mythical interpretation of a political figure. It has survived as a collection of poems.
  • 1436, the first printing press was invented by Johannes Gutenburg, a German goldsmith, which made it possible for books to be printed as we know them today
  • 1931 – The first New York Times Best Seller List. This first one contained only nine books: 5 fiction and four non-fiction.

From being a child, I have always enjoyed reading, and even now while running my very busy business, I always find time for reading and escaping into other worlds.


Five Books I Love

1.“Unleash Your Awesome” by Taz Thornton.  A book by a client of mine, which helps you understand your value and your place in the world, with tips and tools to help you be the best you can be.

Taz is an inspirational speaker, award winning coach and trainer, and a best-selling author. She helps people to reboot their lives and businesses.  Her own story tells how she went through a breakdown to then turning her life around, building a powerful business and a tribe of clients and advocates, to become the successful woman she is today.



2. “He Is Not Worthy”­ by Lis McDermott. I loved this book which is the first novel written by my bestie. It explores ‘love’ in many forms from real love, to ‘inappropriate’ love, to love which requires sacrifice, to love which is abusive, to love which is not real. Rhi and Ben the two main protagonists are strong characters with a very different life experience, and a very different take on ‘love’. Where will those different views take them and who will survive – and who will not? I read this in two days.



3.  “You Can’t Teach a Kid to Ride a Bike at a Seminar” by David H Sandler. This is the best book about learning how to sell that I’ve ever read. Written in the 1970s, it is only available on Amazon & it was updated in 2015 by David H Mattson. David Sandler created the 7 step system for success selling and his system is still in use today, and Sandler trainers are now a thing. David H Mattson is the present CEO of Sandler Training. This book shows you that selling is a professional skill like any other and it can be learned and needs to be practiced and it’s okay to fail.


4.  “Discovery of Witches” by Deborah Harkness. This is a lovely fantasy read where you can’t wait to get the next book. It is the All Souls trilogy: A discovery of Witches; Shadow of Night; The Book of Life. There is also a fourth book, which is a stand-alone story of some of the characters from the trilogy. For anyone who hasn’t read the book or seen the TV series, it is a brilliant fantastical romantic romp moving across historical times, involving humans, vampires, demons and witches. Absolutely compelling, with a brilliantly created world.


5.  My Own Book – and why shouldn’t I plug my own book? The first draft has recently gone off to the publisher.


Over the last few years, I have been writing my own memoir/business book. Both my business and my family are incredibly important to me, and therefore, the two aspects of my life have to appear as they are my story. The story starts as I am made redundant from a job in television, which I adored and how I coped, then went on to build the successful business I have today. Lots of helpful tips along the way for people who also want to set up their own business.  Keep watching this space – all will be revealed in the near future!

Next week’s blog is all about being left-handed.

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