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Last week I ran my first podcast training session for beginners at Swindon Radio station, 105.5.

I shared all of the things I have learnt, since beginning my own podcast – PR not BS with Fiona Scott and worked with Shirley Ludford, the station manager, to allow all participants to ‘have a go’ in a real radio studio.

There were nine people attending, though ten had booked and we had a day of learning all about podcasts.

During the day, the attendees learned all about the real story of podcasts and cleared away any misconceptions they might have had about what it really takes to run a podcast.

The first thing we explored together was the MOST IMPORTANT:


What’s your purpose – your why?


This is critical to keep you consistent, on track for the long term so that you stay in the lane when things seem tough, or nothing seems to be happening. Most people simply give up too soon. You must know ‘why’ you are doing it.

Is it one, or a combination, of the reasons below?

  • To be visible, to push your business forward, and so people can find you in different places?  Brand awareness.
  • To share your expertise and knowledge – a thought leader.
  • To showcase other people in the same profession as you, which reflects on the fact that you ‘know’ the right people – your network.
  • To generate business – drives indirect sales.
  • A collaboration space – your network.
  • Show your personality and passion for the subject.

The course members also learnt that you have to commit time and money, and there is no getting away from that. However, you can plan to make sure you make the most of both.


The areas a podcaster may need to spend money:

  • On belonging to a podcast platform to put the podcast in the main expected ‘places’ online.

*getting some training so you know what’s involved and the process of it.

  • You may opt to buy a professional mic, other kit or software (such as Riverside) or pay to use a local radio studio.
  • As mentioned earlier, my workshop was held at 105.5 and they are happy to provide space for people to record their podcasts at a reasonable cost. At time of writing it’s £100 a day.
  • Paying for music, either from an existing website, or commissioning your own, with the copyright, so no one else can use it.
  • At times you might have to pay for a guest – after all they’re in business too.

The second most important thing that I can share, is – planning is key, on both how often you run your podcast, but also who you invite to be guests.

During the day, the attendees had fun creating their own podcast names, and half of them had the opportunity to be the podcaster and interview other workshop members in a studio setting, with help from Shirley Ludford, or 105.5.  Everyone was given feedback on their performance.

The truth is that it’s much harder to be the interviewer/podcaster because you are managing someone else’s story and also trying to tell your own. It’s not as easy as it sounds!

By the time everyone left, a fun, busy day, they were all buzzing about what they were going to do in this next year, in terms of setting up their podcasts. They had plenty of information to help them, and after the workshop, the enthusiasm too.

I’ll be running another podcast workshop for ten people in person in early January 2024, so if you’re interested, please email Hannah to go on the waiting list. 

Some of you may know, that I have been running my podcasts since December 2021, and they’re going strong, attracting an audience and I now know that they have been, for at least one client, the one thing which made them want to work with me.


Podcast facts


*At the time of writing, I’ve had 2828 downloads g – two have had downloads into three figures:

  1. No BS PR Predictions for 2022 – 116


  1. PR Brilliance with national journalist Jill Foster – 100.


  1. Trailer podcast which sets the context – 72 to date. This organically goes up with new listeners.


  1. Average predicted down loads per episode is 44.


  1. Top Apps for listening – Apple podcasts, 52 per cent, Buzz sprout itself 13 per cent and Spotify 8 per cent.


  1. Listeners are 89 per cent Europe, 7 per cent North America, 1 per cent Africa – also 27 downloads from Oceania but not enough to register as a percentage.


*Most popular UK cities listening, in terms of downloads:

  • Swindon – 238
  • London – 192
  • Bristol – 156
  • Bideford – 58
  • Gloucestershire – 55


New podcasts coming up in the next few months include,

  • actor David Gillespie,
  • professional speaker and author Stefan Thomas
  • crime writer and former police officer shortlisted for a Golden Dagger award Julie Mackay.
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