What’s on Santa’s List for your business?

Posted on December 4, 2022 by Categories: Uncategorized

Did you know that Santa’s List Day was December 4?

Many of us think it is about us, or children or grandchildren, writing a list of presents we’d like from Santa, but in fact, it’s the day that Santa puts together his list of naughty and nice children.

In folk lore, many people believe that Father Christmas was in fact St Nicholas, who lived in the 3rd century, and was the protector of children and sailors. The story has been adapted over time, and now we have the image of the jolly, fat Father Christmas, dressed in red.

The idea of Santa’s List actually comes from Clement Mark Moore’s poem, ‘Twas the night before Christmas’. The poem describes Father Christmas flying from house to house, climbing up and down chimneys with ease to leave presents for deserving children – also known as the ones on his nice list.  Nice children got toys and gifts, and naughty children ended up with coal in their stocking! In the poem. When I grew up with had a list, based on our parent’s budget of £30 each so our list was never ‘over the top’.

I thought, as you’ve all worked hard in the year, you could perhaps write the list of things you’d like for your business next year?

Possible gifts for your business:

1.Treat yourself to some training. What do you need most? Could it be around sales, marketing, using social media?
2. Can you add a new product or service for the new year? Plan the product and the marketing for it.
3.Can you write a book linked to your business? It could be a self-help book, or the unique story of how your business began, and how it is linked to you.
4.Have you got a special date coming up – organise an event to celebrate. This could be a business anniversary, but it could also be a party to thank your clients and staff for their support. 5.Organise a well-being day for you and your staff, focusing on their health. Where you might have a day of relaxation, exercise or reflection. You’ll have fun together outside of the office, and also feel good.
6. Update software and hardware if needed. Either way, check that everything is working well and sustainably.
7. Create some upselling opportunities around product or services you already have.
8. Give back – sponsor something in your community.
9. Give back again – raise some money for charity which means something to you.
10. Go green – show some commitment to being more sustainable over time in your business practice.


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