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As many of you know I started by podcast series, PR Not BS With Fiona Scott, back in December 2021, where I did a daily podcast on the first 12 days of that month. Since then I’ve produced 2 podcasts per month, and I’m almost at 50 episodes and 2,600  downloads.

The median number of listeners who complete an episode can range from 100 to several thousand. The most important thing being that even with 100 listeners, a show can find an audience and then expand. So, I’m very happy to be nearing 2,600 after around 17 months!

Also, considering there are over five million podcasts in the world, and 1.3 million of them are recorded in English, so my 2,500 plus downloads is not a bad number and it doesn’t equate to how many people listen because many people don’t actually download.

I know it’s working as I’m starting to get requests from people who proactively want to be on my podcast as a guest. So it’s being heard, being talked about and there are people ‘out there’ who want to be part of my conversations, even though I can’t see them. How humbling is that?!

As it was Thank You Day this month (June 5 and also another awareness day around thank-you in early July), I want to thank all of you who are taking the time to listen – I’m grateful that my podcasts are being heard.  And I’ve also learnt a lot along the way.

Obviously, my podcast is based around public relations and how my guests make use of PR or engage with the discipline of PR. I’ve had a wonderful variety of people, including journalists, fellow PR and marketing people, a whole range of other business people, sports people, creatives and business coaches.  All of them have had fascinating stories and shared helpful tips about how their business works with PR, alongside, their own stories.

There are some things that are a constant, and other ideas are new, and the podcasts shows how people all work very differently with PR.

So, who have my podcasts been about – here are a few statistics about who I’ve been speaking to:

34% = me sharing tips and ideas.

33%= Business owners/Entrepreneurs

20%= Journalists

7%= PR/marketeers


2% = Sports people


Over the next few months, I’ll be interviewing another great range of people:

*Niamh Spence who is a journo/PR hybrid like me – out June 6.

*Morgan Gleave, a cartoonist and comic book artist.

*Natalie Brown, Freelance Journalist

*Marcus Grodentz, Motivational Coach and Public Speaking Coach

*Louise Hunt Skelley PLY Paralympian (married to Chris Hunt Skelley MBE who I interviewed earlier this year – you will find the podcast here – https://scottmedia.uk/podcasts/ ).

*Claire Brewerton who runs The Virtual Business Centre

*Jane Hawkes, consumer champion known as Lady Janey.

*Carl Hewitt, a young entrepreneur who started up a media and web agency (came out in late May)


And many, many more to come, including David Gillespie, actor, who was born in Nottingham. He played Duncan Boyd in EastEnders, and also known for A Thing Called Love, Red Dwarf and Sensitive Skin.

Have you ever wanted to start your own podcast?

My top 10 tips for starting your podcast.

  1. Think about the purpose of your podcast. Why are you starting one?
  2. How much time can you commit to your podcast?
  3. If you’re unsure where to start with your podcast, invest in some training or ask if you can sit with someone who has a podcast and learn the basics from them.
  4. What will your branding look like?
  5. Consider what music you will be using.
  6. What is your podcast going to be about? Try not to make it too narrow.
  7. Will you pay your guests?
  8. How many podcasts will you put out?
  9. Where will your podcast be hosted?
  10. Will you record at home or use a local community radio station?

If you’d like some training on how to start podcast, then you could have joined me on August 10th at Swindon 105.5 radio station but that day has sold out. I’ll run another in late November or early December for a maximum of ten people and the cost will be £150 +VAT and this includes lunch. For more information or to book your slot email  – if all places are gone, you’ll be put on a waiting list for another training day next year.

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