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Coming up next week  I’ll be off to STEAM in Swindon to be part of a  local business show run by the team at Great British Expos.

If you believe in your local business community and are proud of where your business is based – why wouldn’t you invest in being ‘seen’ at such an event?

However if your mindset is that you need to ensure that you get immediate ROI – then forget it. It’s not for you.


Why do I invest in this type of event? 


  1. Meet and connect with prospective clients as I’m in business for the long game -not for short term gains. It’s a fantastic opportunity to meet and greet new people, possible prospective customers in person.  We can have a conversation, when I like to find out about them, rather than just talk about me all the time. A great place to make new connectionis even for future collaborations.


  1. It’s an opportunity to strengthen your bond with existing customers, even some of those you may not have met face to face before. And visit them on their stands to see what they are doing.


  1. Supporting business in your local area is important, including the people setting up the Expo. You will start to make connections with businesses, put names to faces you’ve not seen, but have heard of. Explore new businesses and their ideas that you may not have seen before. It also means you are being seen as part of the local business community so it’s excellent for brand awareness.


  1. Give presentations – be a speaker or run a workshop.  This is an opportunity for you to share your skills and experience by doing a helpful presentation that people can learn from. They can see how good you are, and will most likely come along to your stand to speak to you, especially if they found it useful. It can set you up as an expert in your field. You can have a ‘celebrity moment’ as part of the event.


  1. Learn what other businesses are doing. Take time to wander around the show, and see what other people are doing, rather than staying stuck to your own stand. (It’s helpful having a team with you, so you can do this).  You may get new ideas, or you might see someone you’ve wanted to meet but haven’t as yet, and it will show you the variety of committed business owners in your own community.


  1. I’m realistic that I’m not there to make sales. That may sound odd, however, I may well stand a conversation with someone who will use my business in the future. Sometimes, sales become a slow burn – the person needs to see you in action, talk to you, follow you on social media and to see the broader picture of you and your business. Always swap business cards, always connect.


  1. Networking, either as a designated event during the day, or just meeting people who visit your stand. It’s a great time to network and build up your contacts.


  1. Introduce new products or services. Having something specific to talk about is always good, and the enthusiasm for a new line, and to be able to launch it at the show, with offers might draw people in.


  1. A little like strengthening your brand, you get the opportunity to market your business to everyone who walks past your stand during the day and it could be 100s. Therefore, make your stand as interesting and engaging as you can. And, be ready to talk to anyone passing – don’t sit in the corner messaging on your phone, or working on your laptop. It doesn’t look good, and gives a very negative vibe or not wanting to be there. Talk about anything you like – it’s about emotional connection, it’s not about selling.


  1. Listen to great speakers. You often get the chance to listen to some fascinating talks, by people who have years of experience, and you can learn a great deal from them. To go away with some new ideas, is always a plus.

If you are visiting or exhibiting at a show, and want to make the most of a business show and not sure how and what to do? Why not book a Power Hour with me?  Book here:  https://go.scottmedia.uk/power-hour

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