First Step to Better Business Results

The first step would be a no-obligation discussion, for 15 minutes, to decide together if this is the next right thing for you. You can book that ‘Are You PR Ready Call’ here.

From that call the answer could be ‘no’ and you can move on and so can I. If the answer is ‘yes’ then please move to the next step.

Step Two:

You need to make a decision – do you want to outsource your PR and marketing to me, do you want me to train your own team or do you want me to train you to do it yourself? Or do you want to educate yourself about PR before making any further decisions?All of these will take time and money. There is no exception to this.Now how would you like to engage with me?

  • If you want to DIY when it comes to PR – go to Step Three.
  • If you want retained services – go to Step Four.
  • If you want training for a PR or marketing team or help with policy matters such as crisis management or disaster recovery – go to Step Five.
  • If you want project work around the media, social media campaigns, or a video or animation project – go to Step Six.
  • If you want me to be a speaker at your event – go to Step 7.

Step Three:

Do you want to DIY – or at least initially?

You have choices to make here:

  • Invest in one of my online courses in a variety of subjects for a one-off cost per download. This means you’ll have a little of ‘Fiona’ in your own toolbox to take your business forward. This is often a popular choice for those who are thinking of starting a business, social enterprise or charity, those who have started such a venture or those who simple want to educate themselves around the subject before making any further commitment of time or budget.
  • Invest in a 1-2-1 ‘power hour’ with me to discuss a way forward for your plan where you share your story and goals, I make suggestions and we come up with a plan which you go off and deliver. You can book as many of these as you like as often or as far apart as you like. However be aware these slots are payable upfront and they are non-refundable. For a Power Hour click here to book.

Step Four:

You’ve decided you want to outsource your PR, possibly to me and my team?

The things YOU might need to think about are: do I want to pay a retainer for services or do I want a pay-as-you-go deal? Do I want social media support, videography, animation, blogging, email marketing for organic growth – or do I just want some of these services?

The things I might need to think about are: how large is this business? How many people work within it? What does this business do? Where is this business? What is the vision for the next year, five years, ten years? What do I think this business might need?

You may want to book a two-hour planning discussion about your business and how I can realistically help – this can be done virtually or face-to-face – though the latter will cost more as I will charge for travel expenses including time travelled. The price for this will start at £198 plus VAT and must be paid in advance (expenses will be invoiced after the meeting and if relevant).

After that, you may feel you are ready to start working with me straightaway and you want to get cracking! Let’s get a date in the diary for my kick-start work – please email  and we will get back to you to book a date.

Step Five:

Are you a marketing manager or executive in a much larger team? Do you consider that your existing PR team are not accessing the media at all, or not very well, or without any real knowledge of what the media are looking for?

Or is it all a bit scattergun with no clear plan or direction?

Or do you need help with a crisis management situation which has come up unexpectedly?

Or do you need disaster recovery support when it comes to the media? Either drawing up a media support plan for your DR strategy or because you are already in a crisis and are struggling to cope?

Prices will vary on this as it can be hard to predict what time will be required – however hourly costs will start at £250 plus VAT, preparation and planning time will be included as well as any relevant travel, travel time or any expenses relating to any work.

If this is YOU, please email  directly or call 07789 270030, you can also text me if it is VERY URGENT.

Step Six:

  • You have a one-off project you need support with – and you are not anticipating this will be an ongoing requirement.
  • You might want to social media campaign to be arranged and managed for something?
  • You might want a video done of an event or a service of some kind?
  • You might want something completely different.

This type of work requires a budget to be set based upon agreed parameters and the number of team members to be brought in to deliver the project.

My time for organising and bringing in a team, managing and delivering the project to set agreed parameters will start at £99 plus VAT per hour worked or part thereof.

A full budget which inclues my hourly rate must be agreed in advance and a non-refundable booking fee paid, to cover upfront costs and to secure specific dates.

Step Seven:

You want me to be a speaker at your event talking about my business journey, or PR or my life in journalism or tv.

My minimum charge for this is £250 plus relevant expenses plus VAT – and that relates to any talk in or around my home town of Swindon or county of Wiltshire. Travelling further afield will attract a higher price point.

I can talk for 15, 20, 30 or 45 minutes and I often will bring props, I do not use dense PowerPoint presentations.

To book please email .


Visit my ‘Working With Me‘ page to discover my steps to Better Business Results.

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“My business has used Fiona’s PR service for over a year now and it is simply brilliant. Fiona has a great way of extracting all the positives of our business that we take for granted and turning them into relevant and interesting press articles. The positive result of this over this time is significantly increased exposure. This has been through printed publications, online media sites and radio. As well as personal appearances at events. I highly recommend PR for any business and I can highly recommend Fiona too.”
Karl Paul
Smarter Media
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